I am attacked regularly for the supposed oxymoron in the name @Moral_Atheist. The claims are often like the following all from this last weekend.


From: @RonaldusMagnus1

there IS NO logical basis for morals in an evolutionist-atheist viewpoint. Nature takes it's course, no?


From: @clergywomen

& Moral Atheist IS AN OXYMORON


The stance is always that you cannot have Morals with out God. So how do we get morals that contradict the bible? Most people, not all, would agree that women now deserve equal rights. Most people would agree that slavery is wrong. These were not the teachings of the holy book. Although I must be fair and say that the Bible was often cited to justify freedom as it is often cited to justify the opposite.


So where did our morals come from if they were not instilled by the holy book? History has shown that it comes from sympathy. It comes from people's voices being heard. Women did not have the right to vote until they made their voice heard. They made their case and society evolved. With most cultures, society changes over time to become more accepting as humanist rights triumph over secular belief systems.


In any case of repression in US history it has always been supported and rooted in Judeo Christian values. Religion is not the source of Good in America but is always the wall between individual rights and cultural maturity. We still fight these battles today. The Gay movement has made their voice heard and they have now begun to win the war over secular America  for equal rights. Rights which I believe only the minority will question in the future.


If America were a country that accepted Naturalism instead of the Super Natural. If this were a country where Humanism triumphed over secularism these walls would come crumbling down. There would no longer be people protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers. There would no longer be people using tragedies in America as opportunities for church fund raising. I would never have to listen to my Governor say that some of our problems were beyond our abilities to fix and we need to let Jesus  handle it for us. We would approach problems with logical reasoning and people would have a healthy amount of skepticism.


But how do we reach this point? We Free thinkers, we humanists, we people of reason need to make our voices heard. We need to VOTE! We need to reach main stream media. We too have started the long battle against secular America. We too will one day triumph. Our leaders will worship in private and leave God out of politics. If God wants us to follow his rules, let him run for president (assuming he is an American Citizen). We are not militant Atheists. They were not militant women during the Women's Rights Movement.  I have never heard the term militant tree hugger or militant slavery abolishers. Why do we have the militant label? Jihad is reserved for the sky worshipers.

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Comment by Derek on July 5, 2011 at 3:52pm

The mammal ancestors who walked the earth before us obviously did not know of God, but they cared for each other all the same. Our very existence is proof of morality without God. Anyway why would I get my morals from Yahweh; the gang-rape condoning, apparently condom-disapproving, infanticidal nutjob.


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