Actually the god in all the Abrahamic religions is described perfectly as an emperor due the great empires is this period 2000 BCE till  620 CE (the egyptian empire  , the Mesopotamian empires , the persian empire  , the Greek empire  and the roman empire ). Before that there was many gods described as an normal kings for a group of people like in Greek , Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Roman mythology.

Between these gods there were wars just as the wars which happened in the Greek islands to unite them under the roll of one king and in Egypt too and in Mesopotamia , the idea of a great empire was not established completely as all the wars between people were local. In the next period which I mentioned above , the wars got bigger and then came the wars between great empires which seemed as world wars and this led to the emperor form of god , actually the period before 4000 BCE the gods were spirits and local .

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