've decided to give this blogging thing a try. It seems that sometimes I need a place, or an outlet, to either vent or just let my opinion about certain things out. First off, a little about who I am. I have been an electrician for about 15 years. An occupation which I enjoy thoroughly. The place that I work though is a good place to work as far as benefits a such but the work ethic of some of my co-workers, is much to be desired. I have worked there for a little over 3 years and like I said before, good place to work for stability but not if you enjoy what you do and if you care about what you do. I will get into that later.
I am also an atheist. This is the one subject that is the most....."troubling" for me. What I mean by that is, sometimes I feel that I am a minority when it comes to this subject. I am married to a woman that is Catholic. I love her more than I could possibly ever describe here. This "atheist" subject is the one subject that we can talk about but only to a point, then it starts getting kinda "messy". This is the main reason I wanted to do something like this. Hopefully I can reach out to some that have the same views and opinions such as myself. I live in an area that has it's fair share of religions, I believe we have them all covered! Now, I realize that there are atheists and atheist groups out there but maybe this will put me in touch with some locally. Someday. My wife can't believe that I would want to get together with a bunch of strangers. She says that I don't like big groups of people. She's right, but I think I could handle a room with a few atheists in it. I feel sometimes when talking to people of faith I have to kinda watch what I say for fear of being offensive. I have no problem with people of faith, it's just when they try to "push" it on others that I have problem. My wife is a good example of someone of faith that keeps it to herself. Why can't people just keep their "beliefs" to themselves. More on that later!
I am also an "aged gamer". What that means is that I am in my 40's and love video games. I just recently got rid of our satellite receiver so now if I'm not talking to the wife, I'm either on Xbox Live or playing Minecraft, which is possibly the best game ever! Very relaxing.

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