The earth quakes, reasoning goes out the window...

Here in Puerto Rico, there was an earthquake today at 1:30 am. It was a 5.7 on the Richter scale with the epicenter located to the north west of the island close to Añasco. I felt it all the way to my house on the opposite side of the island. My PC monitor started shaking and I thought it was my mind playing tricks but it kept moving for a while so of course it was something entirely different.
Typically and like anywhere else, the unreasonable and magical arguments started pouring out..."god did it" or in an unexpected grotesque display of egocentrism, "god spared us of something stronger" like Haiti's, "he's watching over THIS island" (insert face palm here). Naturally, after reading a few "cadenas de oracion" or prayer circles, I thought maybe a bit of reasoning was needed so I posted something on FB and surprisingly it was one of the first times that someone reacted so we had a debate. I posted something like "Earthquakes are NOT acts of god. Occurrences like the shifting of tectonic plates or the fact that we are living on a cooling planet might have a little bit more to do with it. Let's try to give people logical answers not magical ones." Followed by " Let's try not to stoop to Pat Robertson's level...please".
The response goes along the lines of what we've all heard before "God has no limits in what he does or does not do. But of what I'm sure is that there is purpose. Don't mitigate (apaciguen- maybe it's not the correct translation) the ignorant with explanations fit for reason. Accept that God is the Landlord of our lives. And God is not it logical that from chaos, order was created and the life we see today??? Let's see science answer that one..."
I was doing some other stuff in FB when he posted that my silence showed he was right....:). You must be laughing by now. So after replying with stuff like gravity being responsible for the universe we know and how the second law of thermodynamics explains what he posted before on chaos and order, also suggested he watched a few Stephen Hawking documentaries, I kind of got sleepy because it was like 4 am already. Lastly I posted that the concept of god being our landlord is nauseating and grotesque and suggested he reads "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell.
This morning I checked FB again and again he had posted what was basically an argument from experience (automatically making it true, I guess he thinks) and an invitation to look for god. I guess people don't realize that many atheists were once in a religion, in my case catholic... I find it amazing and awful that he studied with me in an specialized school (mathematics and science). How does that happen?? Incredible, what do you guys think?

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Comment by Mario Rodgers on May 16, 2010 at 11:31am
Whether it's Christian evangelicals or Iranian clerics, I'm not afraid to call "stupid" where I see it. I think people would just happily trade in their brains for their precious sky daddies.
Comment by Mario Rodgers on May 16, 2010 at 11:04pm
Sells the salve of what it creates. First religion creates the disease and then it offers the cure.


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