s/he works on the cutting edge

with eyes pasted to the screen,

knowing no limits &

no time constraints---

with all the funding one could possibly

handle, s/he’s

scrunched down in a lab at

MIT or locked away in some

European bunker &

each day brings a moment that

may of never been foreseen even a

few years ago---

each step of progress towards a perfect

A.I., is another in the life of a

creator amongst creators,

who dreams of fulfilling an

electronic euphoria,

be it arming the empire’s military by

2030 with a legion of new futuristic


(to further stamp out whatever resistance is

left on the planet), or whether it comes down

to perfected humanoids who

never age & are able to be sculpted into

any living biological human’s

most sexually perverse of fantasies

all for the sake of fucking,

the scientist keeps her/his

peddle to the metal,

with a face that hardly anyone will ever know,

with research that is always, for the most part,

just an individual puzzle piece

placed on the table

for the greater plan---

and as the creation gets smarter,

as the models progress,

as the research extends far beyond anything


the nanorobots supposed to be available to

save this scientist from

dying like the rest of us,

with the array of wonderful diseases, viruses,

cancers & plagues available,

simply are not quite ready &

the years that the younger scientists have,

this one does not &

though s/he isn’t supposed to think about it,

a jealousy fills up inside him/her

because the creation which s/he is working on


will no doubt provide technology to make others

outlive him/her,

or quite possibly push others into a place of


after having been downloaded into the

omniscient hard drive of all

hard drives in the coming


and on and on, as the possibilities of the future

tap him/her on the shoulder,

the hours go by, which s/he’ll never get back &

s/he knows all too well that

s/he will die before seeing it all come to

any satisfactory


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