The Brains Above the Neck v. The Brains Below the Neck

Remember that old commercial with Charelton Heston where he says, "Confidence is sexy?" In this case, and probably not many others, I agree with "Moses." My moniker, krissthesexyatheist has been misinterpreted and I can't blame our sexist society and preconceived definitions of the word. Throughout the years I have had many nicknames: Lord of the Kriss, Hey-sous Kriss Superstar and Krissncleo (that one is because I love my dead, flat cat Cleo-she was run over years ago.). A couple of years ago I settled on the moniker krissthesexyatheist, but what is sexy and what does it have to do with our battle against irrational beliefs?

For sure 'sexy' has to do with physical attributes, but that is not at all what I am referring to. "Moses" was correct in saying in that commercial that confidence is sexy. The 'sexy' that I talk about is more of a state of mind. It has more to do with actions, how we act in our environment, how we treat ourselves and others, than the way one looks. I think that the ladies of Skepchick are very sexy (Critical thinking at it's finest), and without even knowing what they look like, my heart beats faster when I read their insightful and funny articles. Science 'turns me on' and if one has an understanding of science (and here in America those numbers are diminishing), rational thought and critical thinking skills, then I am quick to say, "Heyyyy, my name is Kriss."

The atheist blogosphere, science and journalism are all male dominated fields, so when I come across some beautiful female brains I take notice and the biological attraction is instant. It is like when I was playing college tennis. If you were a female tennis player, you caught my eye-and in one case, my heart. When I read a column by journalist Maureen Dowd, Naomi Wolf (everyone should read "The Beauty Myth"), Susan Faludi ("Backlash"), or Harriet Hall MD and Amy Tuteur Md at Science Based Medicine, I can't help but be attracted to them because of their 'sexy' brains and their 'sexy' knowledge.

I understand that in general society is still very sexist and part of our secular war includes elevating women to first class status and respect. Sharia law denies females education and enslaves them to their husbands, brothers and cousins-many times resulting in "honor killings." Here in the states, that ridiculous movement Quiverful, is urging women to return to the home and decades of constant childbirth. This is why Sexy is so important. As a society we need to appreciate women's brains above the neck and focus less on the 'brains' below the neck.

Sexy is female atheist bloggers, scientists and any woman that bucks (sexist) tradition and breaks into male dominated fields with their evolved minds and passionate hearts. Ladies, in case you didn't know, all the cool guys love rational thought, critical thinking and godlessness.

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Comment by B. on December 4, 2009 at 12:08pm
Intelligence is always sexy, in both sexes ;)

I think our society is shifting, albeit gradually, to accommodate more women in leadership or previously male-dominated roles and vice versa. I especially love the trend of stay-at-home dads! I've never heard of the Quiverful movement, but I look forward to googling it now and watching a train wreck unfold before my eyes.. Imposing house-bound roles on women is a moral crime. It's not that being a stay-at-home mom is a lesser option, but women deserve the choice. Many of my friends desire few or no children, and the world would suffer the loss of great minds if they were forced to put their talents to washing dishes and vacuum-cleaning. Female literacy is directly linked birth (fertility?) control and reduced transmission of STDs, I don't know why any nation would opt to put half of their populace in chains at the risk of increasing poverty, illness, and unabated population growth.
That said, I have some intention to remain at home with my children, at least through their early years, but I feel I can be a better mother with an education & career than without, and wish other women realized the same. Education and experience are not detrimental to the maternal instinct, so I'm interested to see what excuse these Quiverful people provide for keeping women uneducated and unaccomplished.
Comment by krissthesexyatheist on December 4, 2009 at 6:22pm
Thanks for checking in "B". I guess it is a control thing, that is why some want to dominate women. Personally, I wouldn't want to be with someone that didn't have a voice, education or economic power. Be prepared to be shocked when you google Quiverfull. As far as staying at home and taking care of the kids, I'd like to do that, or at least share the responsibility-it's only fair right. Thanks again, Kriss
Comment by An Droid on December 16, 2009 at 8:57pm
You say 'all the cool guys love rational thought, critical thinking and godlessness'. I agree. But I'm here to also say that you CAN have all of those things AND have a nice 'brain' below the neck. ;)
Comment by krissthesexyatheist on December 17, 2009 at 12:22am
"A.D." For sure that.


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