Bieng raised in a muslim community means a lot a awful things that u will go through .where ever we go they kept telling us that a non muslim is a terrible person or even more should be killed, i see many friends of mine in there prime life with a full life ahead they wish that they have the opportunity to kill jewish where ever they are because of what islamic guidness told them , how and why they choose to blow them selves in a bus or puplic place full of innocent people like what had happend in usa , at that time i felt shame to belong to a muslim nation . In our Islaimc countries religion is the source of geeting the true education that will get your soule and minde to a hight level ,but as i see it's the main source that terrorists drank untill their thirst were quenched. those muslim terorist were not born terrorist and haven't they become a terrorist over night . islamic guidness played a huge part in falling their head with idological fabric thread by threaed and did not let them use their brain coz if u use u brain in islamic religion u will be consider as u denies the presence of Allah. as some ignorant muslims claimed that those terorist distroted the image of Islam but in fact the islamic teaching who distroted the minde of those terrorist and killed their humanity .when a girl read in quarn that her happiness and heaven is under the foot of her husband what we understand from that verse humalition .... or when u recite to a child in his early years a verse from quaran that said :( they should be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off ) regardless of the context of this verse or interpretation and regarless of why God said that and regardless of its time , you have made the first step towards creating a great terrorist , In my opinion MURDER is terrorism regardless of what are the context or time or place . But when it is committed as a decree from ALLAH , this is another matter. i could be in that place too but i did use my brain and thinks about what god said in quaran and i found horrible things . i also open my minde to other civilization and talking to people from diffrent background helped me alot to descover that i was living in a big illusion especially (chris james) i found when u bouild relations with diffrent people is more than any pleause on earth, not like what quaran said don't build friendship with jewish and christians people and moreover klill atheist whenever u see him . when muslim give their minds a chance to think about God illusion we will be surprised.our brains has no limits.our religion banded us to think about the reall truth and don't deall with non muslims. a person is a human being regardelss of he is atheist or not or what his race nation he belong too. that's why i advise all my muslims friends to open their mind becouse that's the reall path to practice their humanities

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Comment by Mario Rodgers on May 2, 2010 at 11:15pm
Do we give American Muslims the benefit of the doubt in every day life?


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