The Biblical God Has the Morals of a Serial Killer.

I often find myself explaining to believers why I'm incredibly glad that their God is not real. They seem surprised that I would not want their 'loving' God to be part of my life. I find that the story of Job is one of the best examples of the Biblical god's moral failing. The follow is my response the theists that believe they follow a benevolent deity. 


"Do you mean God that sold his 'best follower' down the river for the sake of a bet with the devil? Is that the God you worship? And don't give me that crap that brainwashed Christians always claim. "Oh, the story of Job is a beautiful example of putting your love and trust in God." Bullshit! The story of Job is the perfect illustration of how petty and insecure the God of the Bible is.

Job was a good man, a true follower of God. But all it takes is a single jab from Satan for God to turn on him. God tells Satan 'go ahead, do whatever you want to Job, just don't kill him.' He gives his permission for Satan to torture Job and kill his family. He knows full well that Satan will do this, because he is God, he's omnipotent and omniscient. He sells his best follower down the river to basically win a bet with the devil. 

Now some apologists say, 'but God rewarded Job in the end by making him wealthy and giving him a new family.' To me, this is appalling. To suggest that setting up Job to be tortured and murdering his family is somehow okay just because he bought him off in the end is beyond immoral, it is evil.

So no, I do not care to 'know' your God. And I certainly feel justified in judging him and finding him wanting. I'm relieved that this is just a fairy tale. This, not Satan, is the ultimate EVIL in the bible. This is NOT a good God. This is NOT a loving God. This is NOT a merciful God. This is a petty, capricious, self-centered, immoral, evil dictator. And YES that is by my standards and the standards of ANYONE with greater morals than a serial killer."


Of course the scariest response I had was from one Christian who I asked if he would be ok with God treating him the same way he treated Job  and think it was ok as long he gave him money and a new wife and kids. He responded that he KNEW he would. Because if God hadn't allowed his first THREE wives and his child to die, he never would have met his beloved FOURTH wife.

I told him one dead wife was sad, two dead wives was a tragedy, but THREE dead wives was an episode of Law and Order.

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