Table of Contents

01:01   Adam & Eve   In the Big Inning
04:01   Cain & Abel   Don't bring God fruits
06:07   Noah's Ark   We're gonna need a bigger boat
11:10   Abram & Sarai   She works hard for the money
18:01   Sodom & Gomorrah   If I knew that you were coming
20:01   Sacrificing Isaac   Where you want this killing done?
23:01   Jacob & Esau   No Soup For You
28:10   Rachel & Leah   The Good Wife
37:01   Joseph's Coat   Dude, Nice Coat
39:20   Pharaoh's Dream   You can be in my dream if I can be in yours

01:01   Baby Moses   I Yam What I Yam
05:01   Ten Plagues   I feel so broke up I want to go home
12:43   Parting the Sea   God is into War
20:01   Ten Commandments   Rules are Rules
32:01   Worshiping Baal   Golden Cow

01:01   The Tabernacle   The Show Must Go On
18:01   Mosaic Law   My way or the highway

01:01   Ark of the Covenant   A Special Promise
11:01   Twelve Spies   Conspiracy
15:01   Balaam's Ass   A Talking Donkey
25:01   Joshua Anointed   Rape and Pillage

01:01   The Second Law   Wicked and Doomed
31:19   Song of Moses   Rock On Moses

01:01   Battle of Jericho   Milk and a Little Honey
07:03   Battle of Gibeon   Astronomy 101

01:01   Ehud and Deborah   Order in the Court
06:01   Gideon's Fleece   It's not a perfect science
09:01   Abimelech and Jephthah   The Branch Manager
13:03   Samson and the Foxes   The Lion, the Switch, and Thirty Wardrobes
16:04   Samson and Delilah   Let Your Freak Flag Fly

01:01   Ruth and Naomi   The Perfect Woman

01:01   Samuel and Saul   The man who would be kingmaker
16:12   David and Goliath   A Lucky Shot
22:01   David and Saul   Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

01:01   Bathsheba   Splish Splash

Kings I
01:01   King Solomon   Don't be Such a Big Baby
11:28   Elijah and Ahab   A Dog Eat Dog World

Kings II
01:01   Elisha   With a Grain of Salt
08:01   The Fall of Jerusalem   Off With Their Heads

01:01   Post Exile Jerusalem   The Go-Backs and the Left-Behinders

01:01   Rebuilding the Temple   Sword and Hammer

01:01   Esther and Mordecai   Sexism and the City

01:01   Testing Job   The Game
08:01   Job's Friends   The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly
19:01   God and Job   The Last Laugh

01:01   Hymns of the Lyre   Catchy Lyrics

01:01   Wisdom of Solomon   Free Advice

01:01   The Preacher   Happy Happy Joy Joy

Song of Solomon
01:01   The Love Poem   An Old Fashioned Love Song

01:01   Prophecy of Doom   Woe to the World

01:01   Lamentations   Cry Baby Cry
20:01   Prophecy of Captivity   Haters Gonna Hate

01:01   The Son of Man   No Cake for Me Thanks
18:01   The Valley of Dry Bones   Dem Dry Bones

01:01   The Fiery Furnace   But it's a Dry Heat
04:04   The Lion's Den   Don't Eat Me Bro

01:02   Reaping the Whirlwind   Like Your Mom

01:01   Valley of Jehoshaphat   Bugs and Worms

01:01   Judgement Day   Burn Ban Lifted

01:01   Cursing the Edomites   Free Slaves

01:01   Jonah and the Whale   The One That Got Away

01:01   Wrath of God   Howl and go Naked

01:01   The Vengeance of God   A Day in the Sun

01:01   Fear of God   Be Afraid

01:01   Day of the Lord   Have a Nice Day

01:01   Zerubbabel and the Temple   Permit Approved

01:01   Vision of Zion   Young Beer and Fresh Women

01:01   The Curse   Lovers and Haters

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Comment by _Robert_ on August 20, 2014 at 7:02am

 The Gods said “Thank Me It’s Friday.”


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