The Beauty of Nature and the Meaning of Life - Without a God

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Here is an extract paragraph from one of my older blog posts 'The Beauty of Nature and the Meaning of Life - Without a God':

"To those who see a lack of emotion or poetry in the idea of a godless universe I would ask why an empirical understanding of their existence – along with the inevitable realisation that it is in itself not extremely meaningful as far as the laws of physics are concerned -  is any less poetic than one in which all manner of sufferings and hostility have to be accounted for before the beauty of it all is even considered. Realising an absence of soul does not take away meaning from life, it provides it (at least on the human scale). A singular shot at living, instead of driving a person to madness, should allow them to reflect on just how important living life to its fullest really is – ever more than if this life is a simple wait in the foyer before we are allowed to check in to a better existence..."

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If this goes down well, I plan to link to my blog here every Friday (fingers crossed). So please feel free to give honest feedback!

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