The New Humanist has announced its nominees for the 2011 bad Faith Awards; awarded every year to the person most responsible for spreading irrationality and/or religion based hate. The Years Nominees are:

Michelle Bachman

Anjem Choudary

Nadine Dorries

Tom McMaster

Rick Perry

Melanie Phillips

All the details and voting is here

We also think the following should have been included:

Thomas Minnery: Senior vice president of Government and Public Policy for Focus on the Family for actively promoting hatred by spending millions fighting against gay marriage, gay unions and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Details here.   His lies were famously exposed by Al Franken at a senate hearing in June 2011

Pat Roberston: For more than 20 years he has actively promoted religious bigotry and ignorance through television and other media.

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron: For using radio and television to try and refute evolution and promote creation as scientifically accurate. The couple become a laughing stock after their famous banana analogy blunder which is refuted by a quick look at the Wikipedia entry for banana. Dawkins made him famously known as the ‘banana man’ when he explained why he won’t debate creationists.

There are several others such Ken Hamm for his creation museum,  William Lane Craig for calling all atheists and agnostics stupid and I think every single republican candidate for president.

Go and vote and more importantly spread the word because education is the weapon that will win the day.

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