There are times when i want to say that there is a god. Don't get all disappointed just yet; here's what I mean.

God is not some omnipotent being that lives in the sky and knows ahead of time which of us he's going to punish. He didn't create the universe. He doesn't interfere with our lives with his noodley appendages, but he is real. God is a concept. God is a concept created by humans. God is what humans inserted into the unknown to explain it. God is what humans have used throughout history to control and manipulate other humans. God was an excuse used to create organized churches, which in turn were used to generate revenue and accumulate power.

Unfortunately, this makes god real. Not in the sense that the theist would have you believe. God is a real concept, not a real deity. This concept is still used to this day to manipulate masses of people. What your church tells you is right and wrong, and how they tell you to vote will likely not be disregarded. They tell you what parts of your 'truth' you should abide by, and what parts should be disregarded. They tell you that the atheist is evil. They tell you that without god, there is no moral judgement. They teach your children that their history revolves around the god that suits them.

In this way God is real. God is the bludgeon that humans use to force an agenda. God is the specter that humans use frighten other humans into handing over power. God is the tool that those humans, once in power use to tell you how you are allowed to think. God, the concept, has global social and political influence. God is real for the atheist, but the difference is... we see this concept for what it is. We refute it. We refuse it. We point it out. We are attacked every day for it, yet still choose honesty, fairness, and the rights of all over it.

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Comment by Anne Chenier on March 17, 2010 at 1:27am
nice blog. (: interesting thoughts.
but i think "god the concept" can also be defined in another simple term; 'ignorance.'
Comment by Velogiraptor on March 17, 2010 at 11:19pm
Thanks Stephanie!
Unfortunately, i think that the concept of god is used knowingly. I think there are those people who know what they're doing when they invoke god to manipulate others. For many of the manipulated, I think it's worse than plain ignorance. it's willful ignorance. They know better, but don't want to think about it for fear of doubt.

Thanks! Also being from Texas, you see hundreds of subtle and blatant examples of this first hand. Side note: Thanks for turning me on to Non Prophets and Atheist Experience. I've only listened to a couple of episodes, but they're very good. It gives me hope!


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