The Alcoholics Anonymous Super Guru: The B.S. never ends!

Note- Originally published in 2010. Dick must not have liked what I had to say as this and many comments were removed from my Associated Content site. 

Recently I was asked by the Alcoholics Anonymous Super Guru why I did not cite any of his 450 articles while making other claims as to the effectiveness of AA. Here is your comment,

Well thank you, Vincent. According to Mark Twain, I'm a winner since you spelled my name correctly. Other than that, you have not cited a single one of my 39 published titles and more than 450 articles. If your readers wish to know the real history and the real documentation for the historical points, they can certainly start with my main website Meanwhile, aloha. And don't let your resentments get too heavy a grip on you. Dick B.

Well, where do I begin? First let me start by saying I decided to take you up on that advice to read some of your articles, and by articles I assumed you meant scientific articles published in journals that are peer reviewed. But when I went to the University Library and began searching, the search engine kept coming back with 0.

Hmmm…well off to Google, still I found nothing under scholarly articles. So knowing that Dick B., the great AA Guru that he is, would never lie; I dashed off to your site and there I found your literature. (Of course forgive me for being weary and not trying this first but some people are dishonest, not AA members of course!) So I began looking at your literature and to my surprise I found Paradise Research Publications Inc. WOW!!! This must mean that Dick is authentic and that he really has some scientific evidence to back his claims. I mean what kind of a research publisher would publish Dick if he weren’t on the up and up?

But then that skeptical itch started in my brain (not that I don’t trust you Dick, it is just a force of habit!) So, I thought I should look up this Paradise Research Publications.  Hmmm…very odd, this is what I discovered:

“Paradise Research Publications

Private Company, Headquarters Location
2695 S Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753-8678, United States
(808)874-4876, (808)874-4876 fax,  (ßlook here)

Primary SIC: Book Publishing & Printing, Primary NAICS: Book Publishers
Description: Manufacturing: Publishes books on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous, with an emphasis on its spiritual roots and successes. Accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Reaches market through Internet website, direct mail, telephone sales, tradesales and wholesalers and distributors.”(1)

I am not sure what to make of this Dick? Is this saying that your website is the same web site as Paradise Research Publications? You should really investigate this problem because to the objective eye this might be construed as you trying to pass yourself off in some scholarly manner. We wouldn’t want that now would we? I have to tell you, I am more than happy to read your articles and books so long as they conform to the standards of the APA and have been published by reputable research journals and or publishers. You can understand this, right Dick? You really don’t want anyone thinking that AA members are really dishonest, right?




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