I was first introduced to Robert O Adair while writing on Associated Content. He introduced himself to me with several rude comments and this message;


“Does it ever occur to you that the victims of your solipsistic, nihilistic, intellectually bankrupt anti-philosophy might deeply resent it? You pride yourself on being logical, but logic, based on the rational intuitions of the human mind, is simply an accidental phenomena like having a lot of warts. You can't refute the Cosmological argument, except of curse by dishonestly misstating it as cracker barrel philosopher, Bertrand Russell did. If I ever became an Atheist, I would never admit it, because I would be so embarrassed to be in the midst of such savagery and foolishness (Adair, 2010).” Message from- Robert O Adair

It is important to understand that Adair thinks of himself (and insanely believes) that he is a true scholar and philosopher. Specifically, Adair views himself as a Christian philosopher and that he has undeniable proof of God’s existence. In the many articles, which I originally published on Associated Content, Robert was revealed (like most creationist) to be a complete fraud. My adventure into the world of Robert O Adair began first by answering Adair’s claims that the Cosmological Argument is irrefutable. However, as I made arguments, Adair simply persisted in Ad Hominem attacks and outright insanity. This is when I began to expose him as a fraud.

Normally I would never dedicate such time to a lunatic such as Adair, but I took up the mission for two reasons. One, Adair has seemed to amass quite a few followers who seem to believe his every word. I do not consider this their fault as Adair has managed to effectively employ the use of technical jargon and technobabble to fool the uneducated and naïve.

The second reason that I have taken on the mission of exposing Adair is because people like Adair destroy the fabric of trust that society maintains in professionalism. His intentional misuse of technical language and twisting of philosophic concepts is misleading and unethical. I hold Adair to these standards because he has continuously claimed that he is an educator.

On his profile page on Associated Content he has printed;

“I've spent over 50 years doing extensive study, writing, teaching and research. My writing is my way of expressing my feelings and thoughts to others. My Christian poetry is my bottle of precious ointment poured out before the Lord.”


Adair also runs a blog called The Adair Institute, which is a collection of his zealot claims and nonsense. His traffic seems to be confined to his bog and Associated Content, but for those willing to expose themselves to more lunacy they can visit his Associated Content writing here. As you read through my articles there will be links taking you to either of his media outlets.

 What I find fascinating about this crazy person is that people will praise him on sites like Associated Content despite the fact that he has obviously fabricated or overstated his professional and educational credentials. 

"I have spent over 50 years doing extensive study, writing, teaching and research: Th.D in theology, Indiana Christian University; Ph.D. in Philosophy of History, Honolulu University; Ph.D.in literature, St. Charles University. Membership: Central Indiana Writer's Association, Fellowship of Christian Poets, Evangelical Theological Society, Lifetime member Society of Christian Philosophers, Lifetime member of Mensa."

St. Charles University, I believe is somewhere between Hogwarts and the Beauxbaton’s Academy of Magic. As well, Honolulu University is an unaccredited school which has been sued several times for making false claims of being accredited. At any rate, the best way to understand Dr. Adair (and I say doctor in the loosest sense of the word) is through his letters and comments. I have posted them in different blogs.


Again, I believe it is important to expose creationist for being the frauds they are and to stop the undermining of education and freedom. 


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