I need to talk about something. Read this article from the Washington Post, or this one from Philanthropy, and then come back here. 

You know, I fell like recently all I've been doing is ranting about how stupid Republicans are and how they are messing everything up. I would like to apologize, but I sincerely feel that they deserve it. And this is just another shitty example of how they really don't understand how the government works, and what the separation of church and state really means.

The following is a quote from Rep. Smith of New Jersey: "We're talking about a Catholic group with a superior track record that was pushed aside to promote the abortion agenda." 

I'd say that the abortion agenda is an evil partisan agenda in much the same way that  teaching evolution in public schools, is an evil partisan agenda. Or in the same way that equal protection under the law for gays, is an evil partisan agenda. Or, for that matter, in the same way that the anti-slavery and desegregation movements, were an evil partisan agenda. 

None of those things are evil. They may be partisan, but they are also based on many years of social development and good science. Denying an anti-human trafficking grant, meant to help with the education and rehabilitation of these victims, to an organization which refuses to teach about various forms of birth controls because it is a church organization that feels this type of education is evil, is not religious discrimination.  

And it certainly isn't "...unfair to the Catholic group and might violate federal laws banning discrimination based on religion." In fact, if it were the other way around I might argue that it is unlawful government funding of a religious organization which does not meet the required criteria for such. Federal laws banning discrimination based on religion are meant to protect people from workplace discrimination, or from different treatment at banks or mortgage companies or car dealerships. It doesn't protect them from needing to meet certain requirements when applying for federal money. 

In reality, this is the government finally taking a stand on a very important issue, and refusing to give money to an organization still stuck in the dark ages where science and medicine mean nothing compared with the power of prayer. Thankfully, most people now accept that modern science and medicine can do more for the health of its patients, than the church can ever hope to do. 

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