please Mr. Correa,

strong & admirable

President of Ecuador,

who kicked the US

military out of your

country & cut the

money flow from the

US Embassy which had

selected police officers

in your country, paying

them off to do the bidding

of the empire within your

borders---setting an

amazing precedent

for countries everywhere!!

you & your country have

been a bastion of hope,

letting others know that

they do not need to do

what the US says

just because it says it.


please Mr. Correa,

show that same strength

again, in approving

Julian Assange’s plea

to gain political asylum

in your beautiful

country, which stands

at the forefront of

civilization, with the

ability to show the world

again, that truth seekers,

that whistleblowers,

that the very quest for

transparency, exposure &

justice, which Julian &

Wikileaks represents,

will not be silenced,

extradited by Sweden &

sold into captivity back to

the US, so that unspeakable

torture & inevitably death

will be made 10 fold upon

his head, in the name of

“democracy”---please Mr.

Correa, prove to the world

that there still is a humanity

out there, which is courageous &

which will not succumb to

the policeman of the world’s


no matter how hard he wields it---

at present, Julian’s fate is in your


please make the right decision &

let your friend & comrade in

this fight against tyranny,

find a home in Ecuador,

if only for a little bit of time,

so that the US cannot strangle

him to death, deep deep deep

in a dark solitary cell, full of

electric shocks, sensory deprivation,

cocktails of truth serums &

starvation, like Mr. Manning,

no doubt, has already endured.


it’s up to you.

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