It apparently upsets some folk when you post your status to the likes of...

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who did not pray for me."

The response I got was a public lashing by a family member, my aunt. She implied I was a whore. It was a very tacky move on her part, but for some possibly irrational reason I don't mind as much as I think I should.

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Comment by Jared on December 8, 2011 at 10:16am

Haha ... I like to post a "Praise the Science for all that it has given me... I am thankfull for all its shown me in my life and the awesome power it has to make our lives better", from time to time to stir the pot if a bunch of friends are posting the non stop Jesus stuff.

Comment by Ed on December 9, 2011 at 11:44pm

The next time you communicate with her you could ask if her sentiments were reflective of the true spirit of jesus.

Tongue firmly in cheek....

Comment by Ronald Pyatt on December 10, 2011 at 1:48am

She was under the impression that she was not pushing her religion on me. I must have pushed her over the edge when I replied with...

... Push? You came to me after reading my profile and let me know your chances of being right about your god was better than my non-belief. When I responded with how much worse you're odds about gods and them being imaginary you told me to not push my beliefs on others. I post on MY OWN WALL, Merry Athiestmas, and you replied to it with a God Bless on my wall when you know how I feel about it. Even in the post above, I posted a Thank You to non-believers and those who respect non-believers on my own wall, and you post a claim of 99.9% of Pyatts believe in God and that you'll pray for me if you want to. I've thanked you for things without others getting upset at me. How is you coming to me, posting on my wall and insisting on your belief in the supernatural is 99.9% normal for our family not considered pushing? Name calling? For one, you mention Greece and I passed on what a Greek man told me about the people of Greece and what to watch out for. We had not finished that conversation, but you then post PUBLICLY on my wall that no one should stereotype. When you told me that I must be angry at the world, you implied that I was an angry atheist (stereotype). Your reply above just implied that I may be a whore looking for other men, when I only posted that I was gay on my profile and during our PRIVATE conversion to catch up on past events. I made no accusation about your obsession with Ron Paul, because I know he's important to you. I respected that. I'm not going to make claims that you're trying to sleep with him because you keep mentioning that part of your life. That would be rude. If you have something to say that you have a beef with me about then send me a private message. Airing these things in public is tacky and should be a private discussion. I will not be publicly humiliated or bashed into submission by 99.9% of anyone.

She unfriended me.


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