Terror in Norway - the lasting impact

There have been two major stories emerging from the terror, and these are some of questions I have to answer almost daily from non-Norwegians (apart from "WTF dude?!"):

Why are you so lenient against the bastard? He should have been shot at the spot! -Because we don't like suffering. We hate it.

What the flying eff is that 2083 "manifesto"? -Ignore it, just the mad ramblings of a lunatic. We hate it.

Are those right wing radical types of people common? -Well.. we all usually have the over the top racist member of family, especially among the older people. We hate them a bit more for it now.

And the daily healthy dose of ad homs: "You kinda look like him...." -No I don't! :)


Now that it has been cleared up in, such acts also gives a good pinpoint in the Norwegian hive mind works. We now know a bit better what we hate and why, and that it's a perfectly fine feeling to hold against other people's words and actions.

At this year's humanist confirmation, which is attended by approx 15% of all 14 year olds in Norway, the secular formative speech was by famed author Håvard Rem, entitled "It's allowed to Hate". The memorable finale, which most secular humanists could not help read a few months ago, translates to:

"It's allowed to hate religion. It's allowed to hate Christianity.

Hate sounds dirty. But it's allowed to hate superstition. Hate religion. Hate to a religion can be driven by love for individual persons.

You are going to meet "adults" which will stigmatize the battle against superstition. Politicians and priests which will want to forbid religion criticism and religious caricatures. They'll stamp it/you as racism, as something criminal, as something immoral and improper. 

Then you shall answer with an equally appropriate hand gesture. Give them the finger"

This is what a large minority of the youth in Norway is taught is appropriate thought behavior. The vast majority of the whole population of the Nordics can subscribe to the general idea.


We would sincerely like to apologize for having interrupted previously scheduled broadcasts around the world. We only like to be in the international news when we did something right, like the Nobel Peace Prize or Abel award. What the people of Norway is being asked to do now is to flood the internets and debate every neo-Nazi anti-jihadist(?) cultural marxist(?) garden variety racist nazi bastard into submission.


And like the anthem associated with this atrocity open alludes to, always a special thanks to the youth which has risen to the occation. (It's also the anthem of the Norwegian section of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. )


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