I was born in a muslim country no doubt that i should be a Muslima too. But this cause didn't convince me that there is really a God above us watching every one from Alaska to south africa, the poor he has nothing to do . But still have many reasons to hate religion , i knew that its fake from thinking in a lot of things it didn't need much intelligent it's very clear . I run out of Islam not because scientific reasons that prove islam is just an illusion but for the basis and morals that Islam is trying to apply on us and make them looks naturel but in fact they are not . The first thing that made me hate Islam from an early age is when i was in primery school as i mentioned before , the teacher was Chastise us in sadistic manner for not learning by heart Quaran; he has no mercy.He put us above a table and takes our shoes off and start to hit us with all his power ; we treated us like slaves , we cried and cried but no one help us . this event effect on me very much it made me hate anything to do with islam.If really Islam is religon of peace as they claimed why they obliging small kids to memories quaran by force it makes non sense.The second thing that made me hate Islam too is that i should cover all my body from head to toe as quarn said. My parents and my communtiy didn't allow girls to wear what they really want . they said to us that our body is ( OURA) this word dosen't have a synonym in English , its like they mean that our body are like magnet to men and we should be shame fore that , so we must cover all our body and hair also, coz if a man see you on street he will have the desire to sleep with you .And i hate that idea it but both men and women in awfull situation , for women it's like we should feel shame for our fiminisme and for men they put him in a bad picture its like men all what they are thinking is just having sex and that's is a derogation of the value of men and women both.and if we tried to go out without islamic coustum they gives us a dirty look and tell us some nasty words .but in some restricted muslims countries like arabia saudi girls should be killed in a puplic place by stones untill they die or put their clothes off and hit them on back by a hard strick for 300 time !!! the third thing that made me hate islam is sadistic punishment in the second life as they claimed , how God will put us in a great hole of fire and bones of death people.and sun will be above us and snakes will cut people to peaces and we will drink a juice of pus that will burn our stomac and intestine.....but he will gives men virgin girls and Alcohol ; i don't see that this place as heaven it sex clube.And also gives muslim man the right to divorse his woman and she can't see a word and let him to have 4 women at the same time . that's really humiliating for the value of women. although, they claimed that Islam gives women right and value ; i wonder where is that ?!!! But this awful situation start to change in my country when the king made a new low to stop men having 4 women at the same time and if a muslim want to divorce his woman he should share all of his proprety with her .Restricted muslims were tottaly against that new law and said that he has changed allah guidness and we still having a huge storm against that . to be contined...

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Comment by Freeman Thinker on May 1, 2010 at 12:26am
if you may allow me to call you brother, I just wanna say that man you deserve my highest respect, your so brave to speak out your mind about religion, but do be careful though okay?Cause here in the Philippines, I've been receiving SMS messages threatening me to be murdered or whatsoever. Keep fighting for truth.
I raise my clench fist for you!!
Comment by Michael R on May 1, 2010 at 12:33am
Aren't some of the items about divorce in the Quran? 1) The woman is to be provided for, 2) they are entitled to stay in the same house. The restricted muslims don't even follow their own book. They have the power and property...which includes women.
Comment by girlatheist on May 1, 2010 at 6:21am
Freeman Thinker: you can't call HER brother because she's a sister.
Comment by Ali on May 1, 2010 at 7:17pm
I agree that islam puts men in an extremely bad picture, as most of muslim girls think that men are just thinking of having sex with them all the time.. that's definitely a derogation to men in islam too, not only women.
Comment by luvtheheaven on May 2, 2010 at 8:48pm
I agree completely with your observations about heaven being a sex club for men and hell being sadistic and insane on God's part, and you're right about the degradation to both genders too. Great post, great observations. I'm happy for you Kiki, happy that you've realized that Allah doesn't exist and Islam isn't really a religion of peace but rather there are many problems with all religions, including Islam. I'm glad you've found our community here, you're very welcome here and your posts are very insightful. :D


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