Teaching Creationism and the Nobel Prize

Just some random thoughts I had while in the shower which I, of course, took while wearing a bathing suit because, as we all know, god cannot tolerate nudity.

Obviously, some time has passed since President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. But the thought only came into my head just today - how many people who believe that Creationism/Intelligent Design should be taught in schools and NOT evolution were also upset that Obama won the Peace prize. Personally, I don't think they should have cared.

If someone were to believe that creationism is a more valid explanation as to how humans ended up on the planet, then they're basing their ideas and theories on the bible and not by any findings in the scientific community...

The same scientific community whose achievements are recognized by the Nobel Prize committee every year. Which should make, in their eyes, the Nobel Prize for, say, Biology totally invalid and meaningless. And if one element of the awards is irrelevant, than so should the rest of the awards.

Thus Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize shouldn't make a lick of difference. It makes as much sense for them getting mad that he won the Peace Prize as if they got mad because he won my Uncle Larry's Best Necktie Selection for 2010.

And on the same note, who does one teach intelligent design as a theory in biology class alongside evolution while still within the guidelines of separation of church and state and not spend less than two minutes on it?

"OK... well, before we get into Darwin's theory of natural selection and evolution, we're require by the state board of education to also mention the theory of intelligent design. So, here we go... there's a number of theories of there, usually amongst the world's religions that a being with amazing power designed and created the universe himself. If you need more details than that, or school library SHOULD, unless they've been banned, have the canonical texts of all the world's major religions which you are free to look up in your own time. After all, we only have a quarter of a semester to get through this. OK? Great. Moving on."

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Comment by W. Shawn Refvem on July 10, 2011 at 8:08pm
And the slide show is 3 seconds long...Slide #1- Just the words "In The Beginning" on black background. Slide #2- Close up magician holding a wand waving it over a hat. Slide #3-Just the words "The End" on black background. Fade out.
Comment by Matthew Wood on July 10, 2011 at 10:21pm
I would show the Family Guy clip when the Genie comes out of the water and just starts making things appear.
Comment by Gordon Duffy on July 11, 2011 at 4:22am
Or the Simpsons clip with Flanders in the Natural History Museum looking at the "Myth of Creation" display.


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