Teacher Suspended - Homosexuality In Animals Assignment

Finally, the verdict comes out after about 8 hours of waiting.
Dan DeLong, the teacher that was suspended for assigning an optional article dealing with homosexuality in the animal kingdom, has his job back. The entire meeting that decided this was held behind closed doors while a reported 200 people stood outside in support of him.

I read the article that he assigned as optional material and there were some mildly graphic descriptions (if you call mentioning an ejaculation graphic). It was slightly racy, but plenty appropriate enough for 16 year old students. No matter how much we may try to pretend, humans of that age are fully functioning post pubescent animals and it's about time we treat them that way instead of suppressing sexuality and teaching shame.

The article was to stimulate critical thinking. In his English classes that is something that he strives to teach. We are bombarded with content on a daily basis and it is up to us as individuals to stop and look beyond the surface. Thinking about where you're getting your information from is key. We should wonder what the author's stake in it all is and look for any bias or misinformation. This is a vital tool and I commend him on taking the time to teach it. We should not simply believe everything that we're handed or told.

The parent(s) that complained simply over-reacted. Though speculation, this parent(s) is more than likely overcompensating for being an uninvolved parent and decided to seek attention by going beyond the classroom to create fuss. They could have easily gone to Dan DeLong and arranged a meeting or simply called him to get his side of the story or to ask questions. They could have easily looked at the student's optional assignment and said, "Turn that off, you're not doing that. Let's talk to your teacher about this". That is what a parent would have done that was actually concerned with their kid's education. What they did instead was for show and was very weak.

I should also mention that in all of this, the school board brought in child protective services to decide if this could be child abuse. Obviously, this did not show to be the case.

I'm very happy that he has his job back. He was completely quiet to the press during the entire situation. At the time of his job being reinstated, there were 2 Facebook support pages. One had almost 3,000 fans and the other under 1,000. They were from all over the USA.

The article can be found here:

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Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on November 3, 2009 at 4:33am
Comment by Dave G on November 3, 2009 at 9:05am
Justice is served. And hopefully that parent is suitably chastised and embarrassed at the fuss they caused.
Comment by Reggie on November 3, 2009 at 11:35pm
People are so damned stupid. Why do they insist that their children follow in their ignorant foot steps? I have always been amazed at how offended people get about reality. Animals? Sex? Time to flip out cause someone pointed it out!

Thanks for posting this update. I'm glad more reasoned heads prevailed.
Comment by Stefftastic on November 4, 2009 at 9:10pm
"...16 year old students. No matter how much we may try to pretend, humans of that age are fully functioning post pubescent animals and it's about time we treat them that way instead of suppressing sexuality and teaching shame."
Truer words never spoken, my friend.

I can't believe they actually brought in child protective services. As if there aren't far more appropriate places for them to be, like churches.

It's great that he got his job back, and hopefully he withstands the aftershock as well as he did the storm. I'd like to congratulate him for being such a good teacher and producing real thought-provoking assignments.


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