A lot of people are complaining about the failing economy, and they've brought up topics that i agree with. Legalizing brothels making prostitution a safer occupation for people that want to participate in it, legalizing drugs also making it safer for whoever decides to participate in it.
in the end it is consenting adults doing whatever they feel is appropriate and should be allowed to do to themselves. These topics alone would have a lot of discussions on their own, but that's obviously not what i want to talk about.
I have heard almost no one or very few people bring up taxing churches, i'm sure politicians are scared of the public eye if they did. It would be social suicide for them to even allow it to be discussed.
But i think we should tax churches, especially considering all the churches that just call themselves that to take advantage of the tax evasion part of the law. Churches like scientology and hate mongers like "god hates fags". If we can change the law to tax churches, we can stipulate certain tax breaks like everyone else can get. Like donations and how much the church actually helps the community. For churches that are honestly trying to help.
This is suppose to me a secular nation, as much as the religious fundamentalist want to brainwash and convince everyone. Churches collect money and are part of certain states and the country, so they should be taxed like everyone else. They are not doing their part truly to help their community if they don't give back like the rest of us have to. So let's allow them to get taxed like everyone else has to, and for the first time in recorded history we can have churches give us money.

It's simple we need churches to be taxed!! (Scientology a religion, really?)

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Comment by Amanda Gibson on July 27, 2011 at 1:57pm

I have a movie on my Netflix that I haven't watched yet and it talks about how keeping drugs illegal is how a lot of the families survive (Marijuana).
But I agree with everything else you said.

Comment by jean Rodriguez on July 27, 2011 at 2:03pm

On the drugs subject: probably, like i said i know the drugs issue is a popular one and has lots of discussions because of it.

I just dislike how the taxing churches is so underground still, people are scared to talk about it aloud because it's worse than admitting you're an atheist. It's considered an "attack" against religious people and not the institutions that take advantage of the tax laws. Glad some people agree and i'm not alone. :)


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