Tapped- the crisis of Bottled Water

There is a 90 minute program called "Tapped" that is available for access through the Documentary Channel. It discusses the epidemic rise of discarded bottled water containers that are appearing everywhere in our environment. As of 2009 the United States alone consumed in excess of eighty million bottled water containers A DAY! It is extremely disheartening to see beaches and remote locations in the Pacific Ocean that are overrun with plastic. This plastic degrades and breaks into tiny pieces which becomes a toxic part of the beach sediment and is fatally consumed by birds and fish and other sea creatures in the oceans. 

It is my desire to see a change in attitude about the use of bottled water containers. If people realized that the water is not in fact necessarily any more healthy than tap water and the fact that the containers experience chemical out gassing when heated by sunlight they may be less reluctant to use them. As responsible stewards of our planet and country we owe it to ourselves and future generations to end this preventable sabotage of our environment. 

The use of plastic as a throwaway medium is beginning to negatively impact our quality of life. If we can limit the use and educate everyone by raising their awareness maybe we can "turn the tide" that is presently impacting our environment.

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