Okay, maybe not a showdown, persay, but still awesome...

I went to Taco Bell today because I was hungry and wanted to try the new XXL Chalupa (for the record, it is fucking awesome).

Anyways, it was pretty busy. The store itself was pretty full (I was getting my food to go, though, so I wasn't looking for a seat). Luckily, there was only one guy in front of me. There was a 6-person family in front of him, but they had already started ordering when I got in line. 4 other people got in line behind me, but I think they were the end of the lunch rush 'cause no one else showed up.

Anyways, the guy right in front of me could not have been more obviously Christian if he had been singing about it. The back of his shirt said "I love Jesus Christ" and he was reading a pamphlet about why evolution is a lie from Satan. Physically he just looked like the classic redneck Christian stereotype in the flesh... almost as if the stereotype was modeled on him. Indeed, as I found out when the "showdown" started, he even had that classic Christian redneck voice, and while he was speaking, it was impossible NOT to recognize that this guy was about as uneducated as they come.

I ignored him because, at this point, he was being quiet, minding his own business... until he got up to give his order...

Now, the only tell-tale sign that the cashier (likely a high school kid... or so he looked to me) was gay was a barely noticeable hint of that lisp (effeminate voice style?) that is rampant amongst gay stereotypes. He was not holding his wrists limp, he wasn't standing like a woman or whatever... he didn't even have one of those hair styles associated with the gay stereotype. I personally didn't notice the "lisp" (I really don't think that's the proper term) until after he admitted he was gay.

But this Christian apparently noticed, because when the cashier asked him what he wanted, the guy flipped out:

"'Scuse me, but'you gay?"

The cashier looked really confused and stuttered, then said "um... I mean... yeah, but... I don't see what that..."

The Christian cut him off. "I'm gon' need yew ta leave this here store so a good Christian can take maw order. Gawt that?"

The manager overheard this and walked over, and address the Christian. "I'm sorry, sir, but you're going to have to leave. We make it a policy to not serve bigots."

"Are yew discriminaten' on me 'cause I'm a Christian?"

"No, sir, I am not. I am also a Christian."

"And yew, a clamed Christian, hared 'dis sawdomat?"

"I hired this man because he does his job extremely well and is a good employee."

"But he's a sawdomat!"

"You need to leave, now."

"I ain't leaven 'til Aw get maw here imegrant food from a good Christian!"

Finally I'd had enough and cut in. "If you'll excuse me, sir, I'm in too much of a rush to deal with your bullshit, so since you've been kicked out, I'm going to be a good atheist and give my order to the nice gentleman [the cashier] over here. I would like the XXL chalupa meal, beef, and put baja sauce on the side taco. You can also go ahead and get something for yourself on my tab because no one should have to put up with such moronic idiocy."

The 4 people behind me clapped, and the Christian screamed "yer all heathens!" and ran out like he was being chased by Satan.

Although the cashier did ring himself up an $0.89 taco (i was a bit insistent :D), thanks to the manager I ended up not paying for it. I also didn't pay for the XXL chalupa or the baja sauce (which is, if I'm not mistaken, a $0.30 up-charge normally). I only had to pay for my side taco. I also only paid for a <i>small</i> drink even though I was given a large.

I never thought in my life I'd get to do something like that, but I did and it was AWESOME!

Anyways... I thought y'all would appreciate that... :D

Also... yes, I LOVE Taco Bell. If you're looking for American fast food badly pretending to be Mexican food, I can recommend no better place.

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Comment by Gaytor on November 10, 2010 at 9:42pm
I'd like to take this opportunity to praise Jesus for not having me born in a place like that.
Comment by Garrison on November 10, 2010 at 10:01pm
That rednecks thought process: "First, a gay! Then, an atheist!! We're living in the end times. Jesus - rapture me now!" lol Nice work bud!
Comment by Nathan Hevenstone on November 10, 2010 at 10:56pm
@Gaytor I live in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, South FL. Now, while I recognize that Florida is in the Bible Belt, it's usually North Florida. You have no idea how surprised I was to see that down here, and I'm hoping it was an anomaly...

@Garrison LOL probably...
Comment by Jon Heim on November 10, 2010 at 11:01pm
lol please tell me he had an accent just like that!
Comment by Nathan Hevenstone on November 10, 2010 at 11:10pm
@Jon Heim

Yes. About as think a southern redneck accent as you can imagine...
Comment by James on November 11, 2010 at 12:27am
Bravo Nathan!! I would have loved to witness that. :)

It is rather sad that people can be as ignorant as that guy. But that's the world we live in. Luckily I live far enough north to not see too many of this sort very often, much less come face to face with one.
Comment by Loop Johnny on November 11, 2010 at 8:57am
*tear drop*
I would classify that as a win. I feel bad that I can never do this in my country. We are majority theists and I cannot even tell a joke that has something religious in it. Sadface.
Comment by Dawn McCain on November 11, 2010 at 9:28am
I would LOVE to have been the next person in line behind you.
Comment by StaticMotion on November 11, 2010 at 10:35am
Adriana, I agree that the cashiers sexual preferences shouldn't come up in such a context...

But, if he's being asked, he should feel no obligation not to say the truth out of fear of bullying. I mean, isn't that the rational behind e.g. the out campaign Dawkins has running?
The fucking idiots need to be exposed to open homosexuals, atheists, ... maybe then they'll realize that homosexuality won't go away just because they want it to.

Moreso, it was a good learning experience for that bigot, because he was exposed as such and realized that he was being put down because of it. I doubt he rethinks his position, but maybe if it's happening more often, he'll get it sometime?
Comment by Nathan Hevenstone on November 11, 2010 at 12:45pm
Adriana, I hear you. I really don't think it mattered, either. Everyone there was there for Tacos, except, apparently, this particular person. It was both hilarious and tragic, and I did feel bad for the cashier.

I honestly never thought I'd see such a thing here in South Florida, though. That was rather shocking to me...


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