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12 APR 2009

Links of Interest

The Jesus Quote You’ll Never Hear in Church - Christians condemn the violent language in the Koran; but most don't realize the New Testament contains some violent language too. Jesus essentially says: obey or I will kill you. - On a related note, check the Skeptic's Annotated Bible on their rundown of Cruelty in the New Testament.

Teenage Atheism on the Rise - A survey cited says belief in God among teens fell from 54% in 1984 to 37% in 2008.

Vatican Rejects Obama's 3rd Ambassador - "So now it appears that not only must the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican be Catholic, they must oppose legal abortion as well."

Newsweek is Wrong: Christian America is as Strong as Ever - This article is a MUST READ reminding us that although belief is on the decline and non-belief on the rise, the war is not over. Just because a poll shows religion losing ground does not mean the Religious Right has stopped fighting.

Things on T|A You Might Have Missed from the Last Week

What Do YOU Do During a Prayer? - Cary poses the question: "What do you do during prayer?" and "What do you do when you are asked to pray?"

Evolution - Morgan found another great video by QualiaSoup.

Compass: Australian Documentary About Atheists - GG posted a link to an episode of Compass, a show that investigates religion and faith; but for this episode they take a look at atheism. Well worth watching.

Massimo Pigliucci Recap - Pam shares some information about the Massimo Pigliucci presentation she attended.

"How are you happy with no god?" - Many atheists might almost take this as a rhetorical question because they are happy with no god. Odd though is that theists might also think its rhetorical, but for a completely opposite reason: they can't fathom being happy without a god. Kris takes the time to answer, and thus providing a little prod to the rest of us to think how we might answer the question.

The Happy Agnostic - "Even though you can't cure a cold, you can always take some pills to make you feel better. I don't want to cure christianity, I just don't want to suffer from it. Atheism is the pill." A great article from Misty.

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Comment by Morgan Matthew on April 12, 2009 at 7:12am

Comment by Rev. Tom Hicks, D.D. on April 12, 2009 at 9:16am
Thank you, Johnny, for this great & resourceful post.


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