Spring has not SPRUNG in toledo, ohio...

I hate winter, always have-even as a young boy i never liked the cold, wet, or snow that much.  Sure the occasional sledding event or snowball fight (unless u get pelted in the face), was ok at the time.  But here we are 3 days into april, and something like 13 days into spring, yet no "springing" of the temps/greenery.  However, there are flowers in my front yard that bloom eeeeeearly spring every year, and funnily enough, they are coming up already despite the cold temps (its still low 20s at night, upper 40s daytime high).  This heartens me mightily.  For even though old man winter still clings to bough and branch, spring still struggles to appear.  They say that next week will be warmer, and that a change will ensue.  I sure fucking hope so, cause all this frost in the morning and winter coats still hanging in the hallway is getting old.  This is also the time of year when i tell the carry-out clerk, people at work, and pretty much anyone else who'll listen to my rantings that im not spending one more winter in this god forsaken place (pun intended my friends).  yet here i am, 34th year in a row with no immediate plans for removal to the tropics.  Anyone else out here in atheist land share in my sorrow?  anyone else longing for the 90's??? id love to hear your rantings about how shitty winter is and use it to comfort my frozen ass.  thanks in advance, i appreciate all your winter hatred.  ~rookie~

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