Spiritual Super Powers

Have you ever wished you could fly?
Move at super speed?
Save people with super strength?       

I must admit to not knowing anyone who at one point in their life hasn’t fantasized about having some sort of super power.  The fantasy I had and sometimes still have to to be able to fly especially living with the sea as my daily view, it would be heaven to fly out over the horizon on a beautiful sunny day like today skimming the waves with my fingers.

So why am I talking about super powers and what does it have to do with spirituality?

Here is a theory of mine about spiritual people:


They want super powers and they want to feel special and they want to save people as it gives them recognition and attention.  One of the easiest ways for that to happen is to subscribe to spirituality and start believing they can tap into untapped super power potential. The spiritual community in it’s open mindedness encourage this to maximum effect and can make a lot of money from books, courses, DVD’s etc which claim to help develop you spiritual super power and be the hero!

Now don’t get me wrong, but I would seriously love people to be able to heal others through the power of their thoughts or energy, I would love people to be able to talk to the dead or get divine wisdom from the spiritual realms which we could share.  I would love to think that people could be telepathic, psychic or show that they could move things with the power of their minds. 

Yet the reality seems to show that despite test after test under controlled observation, no-one has managed to show that they have a spiritual super power which proves their claims. 

Below is a list of common spiritual super powers of which not one person so far has managed to show they can do.

Talking to the dead
Communicating with spirits from higher realm
Healing with energy
Moving anything with their mind
Making something manifest through thoughts

This is a bit of a gutter really as part of me wants an X men style world where super powers are the norm. (I must top watching sci fi television!)  The spiritual experiences I thought I had made me feel special, made me feel different from the rest of the world and also gave me a community to belong to.  What I was not aware of was the real reasons for the spiritual experiences and that would elude me until two decades later when I started to have doubts and did some research.  It looks like I experience mild forms of temporal lobe epilepsy which when that part misfires gives me experiences which seem supernatural in content. Even seeing auras may be related to part of the brain simply interpreting that person in colour, it is may be a form of synaethesia.

So, now I can see more likely explanations for spiritual super powers I can focus on something more important and that is I don’t need them to be special.  When you take away all the supernatural explanations for us being here, our energy, consciousness and how we survive in this tough world on a very volatile rock, I am more than special, a miracle in evolution in a lonely part of the universe who is still alive and loving my life, that really is enough.

Do I need to add delusional content to make it better?

No but I can see why people do as for some their lives have been tough, some are loners, outcasts and want to feel that they are much more than they are told they are.  I often am told by spiritual people how limiting they find their bodies and minds, talk about running before even learning to stand! Dissatisfaction from being limited in this way is very common due to constantly being bombarded by stories of how unlimited and how many spiritual super powers they can develop.  Of course many delude themselves into believing they can do it,  I did and wasn’t even aware of the real reasons why it seemed to be the real deal and conveniently ignored when my powers failed me.

If you were 100% honest about your own spiritual super powers, are you aware of the possible reasons you may be experiencing them?

Would you bother to find out?


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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 19, 2011 at 5:55pm

This is a great post, Paul, and it sounds like you and the Paul who wrote all those letters in the New Testament might have something in common.  Perhaps you have spoken elsewhere about the experiences that made you feel like you had spiritual superpowers and I just missed it, but you didn't delve into that very much in this post.  I would like to know more about those experiences if you would like to share them and haven't already done so.


I used to experience a 'rush' during the 'angelic chants' in my grandmother's Pentecostal church, but they were nothing compared to the rush of skydiving.  The most compelling belief in supernatural forces I ever encountered was Star Wars - and I'm very serious about that and not making light at all.

I was seven years old when Star Wars hit the big screen, and I knew that I was different.  I was unusually intelligent and could already tell that most in my family were quite the opposite.  I felt like I had been dropped into their custody and that there was something much greater out there waiting for me.  Then I sat in that theatre with my jaw dropped as an incredible and perfect fantasy unfolded in front of my eyes.  I will never forget it.


I walked out of that theatre thinking, "If I only believe hard enough...." as I stretched my hand out at an empty cup on the ground and imagined it being pushed away.  Maybe there was a bit of wind, or maybe some melting ice in the cup just shifted, or maybe I just imagined it altogether - but I'll be damned if that cup didn't seem to oscillate just a little bit!  I was incredibly enthralled, but like a good Jedi I kept my mouth shut as my mind raced with the possibilities.


That little fantasy must have run wildly through my mind for at least a year.  I often balanced something, like a ruler on a table, and tried to focus my mind to make it fall over.  Sometimes it did and my heart raced almost as much as when I watched Luke Skywalker deactivate the computer in his x-wing fighter, dive down that ventilation shaft, and blast that power supply.  Eventually I realized that I would never be able to make a bottle of coke fly across the room and into my hands, though, no matter how hard I believed.


Once in a while, when I'm a little tired and have some writer's block, I look at a pencil on the other side of my desk, lift my hand from the keyboard, and just imagine drawing it to my hand.  George Lucas still has a lot more appeal to me than Saint Paul.


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