One thing I didn't realise when I moved away from traditional Christianity was that I was moving away from one punishment and reward system to another one which is actually even worse despite how it's cunningly disguised.

Spiritualist have mixed views of hell, some say it exists, some day it doesn't and others say we are here already. Even the ones who say it doesn't exist still have rewards and punishments filtered in their belief systems, sometimes they just don't realise it.  Here is a list of some of the beliefs some spiritualists promote as true:

Ouch! When you pass over into spirit you will experience every emotion you made everyone on earth you came into contact with feel.  In other words be nice to some one because if they get upset then you will go through that too.  Don't whatever you do dump a partner then as their upset will come back to haunt you. it might be easier to become a monk or a nun and avoid all human contact as it doesn't matter that you can't control how people react around you, you will experience their emotions in spirit. 

Judge: You will judge yourself and what you failed to do you will result in you choosing another life with more trials to overcome.  This is reincarnation and you will choose to be either raped, tortured, murdered, disabled, mentally or physically ill, starving or live a life of misery and this nicely makes an excuse as to why bad things happen to people.  They chose it so it makes it all ok then and there are lessons to learn for the souls higher purpose.  People who believe this can from their armchairs at home understand the pain and suffering this world is going through and count their lucky stars that they have been so good that they didn't have to learn such harsh things this time round.  If they do suffer a bit they can then say they chose it and also quite sadly stay in that situation as it's their life lesson.  If I say it isn't, then they will say that I have to prove that, which of course I can't just as much as I can't prove an invisible dragon called Donna is eating people who wear purple in Milton Keynes.

Body: Your bad back or illness is due to dis-ease!  You are not at ease with life and without harmony you will suffer with illnesses which will reflect what is going on.  A bad back is not down to the fact that you sat wrongly at work, slept in a funny position at work or over did it with the weights at the gym, it is of course down to not being supported by someone or yourself! Now you have to hunt down why it's happening through self analysis and do this with every ache, pain and illness.  This is time consuming but apparently worth it, this is why spiritual people are so incredibly healthy all the time as they live in balance due to listening to the bodies messages.  Paradoxically I have not ever met a healthy spiritual person yet,  so it must be work in progress......

Attract: Aha! The reason that lady in the papers was murdered yesterday was due to her life lesson or she attracted it somehow through negative thoughts of some kind, this is called karma.  Maybe she was fearful of being attacked and this made it happen to her!  In this belief the world is a mirror and people attract to them people who will show them the bad parts to themselves so they can work on it, this is why humanity is in such conflict.  If someone rips you off then this is down to you being a conman or a liar yourself so you deserve it and will not attract it if you stop lying to yourself or others.  (impossible as we are liars everyday naturally due to the human condition). 

Rich!  This is reward for thinking and feeling wealthy thoughts which then turned the atoms of the universe into physical wealth. It is called The Law of Attraction or Cosmic Ordering.  What we should do is send all these brilliant manifesters to the third world, war and poverty stricken areas to use their powerful ways of thinking to attract wealth into the lives of the people starving and working themselves to death for very little money.  Brilliant idea, I may ask Esther and Jerry Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Bryne, Joe Vitale , Barbel Mohr and Noel Edmonds to go to Sudan ASAP instead of earning more cash from their workshops on how to get wealthy through thinking it into existence. I wonder how many would accept?

Angels:  Would rather help people with parking spaces than famine and will show you they have been around with the sign of a white feather which is not from the seagull population flying above you...honest!

Enlightenment, awakening etc : Work hard spiritually through various rituals and you will be given knowledge of the universe so you can understand humanity and the meaning of life. Lucky you! Funnily enough those that say they have achieved it just seem to repeat what other people have said in their books, so it must be true then?

Entities and Vampires: If you are not a strong positive character, then besides attracting the worst type of life, though that might be a life lesson for your soul, you may also attract nasties which will possess you.  You won't know this until a Medium informs you of this, through their spirit guide called White Feather Floating who will help remove it for a nice little fee.

Crazy isn't it?  Yet millions of people believe stories like these in the hope of being rewarded in some way, yet their lives often show something else happening so on and on they go with the over analysing of their lives in the hope of getting it right this time in this life.  This just makes their life a misery and others too as they keep on preaching why their friends and family have bad things happening to them which is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

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Comment by Irina Uriupina on February 24, 2011 at 5:30pm

well, that's why I have not only left Christianity, I abolished the doctrine of reincarnation and all sorts of belief systems that claim they have an explanation for why this world is as crazy as it is.

i feel relieved.

no reason. no ultimate purpose. no definite answers. deal with it.

Comment by Paul Sheppard on February 24, 2011 at 5:59pm
In other words, humanity needs to grow up!
Comment by Irina Uriupina on February 24, 2011 at 6:25pm

I guess... but I don't know if most people are ready or willing to. For most a lousy, illogical explanation is better than no explanation.

Some people I know are so happy being Christians, believing god is merciful, loving, that heaven is awaiting them, being sure everything happens for a reason (even most atrocious things), that I feel reluctant to even try and reason with them. Because I'm afraid to ruin their perfect world. What if they can't handle any other reality? So I leave them to their defense mechanisms.

Comment by Paul Sheppard on February 25, 2011 at 8:12am
I think for some life feels hard enough as it is and holding onto comfort through religion, food, drink, drugs etc just makes life seem a lot better.  I think this is just an illusion as there is often a lot of energy spent in maintaining these comforts and eventually the consequences are shown.  Personally I won't challenge someone about their beliefs unless invited to do so.
Comment by atheistrising on February 25, 2011 at 7:25pm
@Paul: Well said and well written article
Comment by Paul Sheppard on February 26, 2011 at 6:35am
Thanks atheistrising.  My interest lies in spirituality which could be argued as an illusionary alternative to mainstream religion due to the way its cherry picked to suit the individual then promoted as true.  Millions subscribe to it and it can bring nothing but false hope and misery.


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