Since I wrote this, my opinions on the subject have changed a bit. Enough that I would not have made this post if I could go back. I'll leave it here b/c it will remind me and other's that I am not above being wrong and/or changing my mind based on new information.

The more I read of this bill, the more I get pissed off. There are a LOT of good things in there. A LOT. The problem is that we can't afford it. We don't need all of this extra stuff in there right now. Lets fix the damn economy and THEN go and boost up all of these other things.

I feel that the pork included will wash it out. I'm glad they set so much money aside for the sciences and technology... that at least made me happy.

It's not short, so here are the links:

Division A - 31.9 MB

Division B - 876 kb

Statment Div A - 13.9 MB

Statement Div B - 32.4 MB

Now, lets go over this (with the help of the internet, of course.)

Keep in mind while you are reading through this. Some of this stuff is a good idea to have. But, we are in an economic break down! We only need the necessities right now! Not nonsense like $100 million in grants for National School Lunch Program equipment assistance... How is that a necessity? If it's not f#@*&! broken right now, DON"T SPEND MILLIONS TO FIX IT!!!! WE DON"T HAVE THE MONEY RIGHT NOW!! I know I'm just repeating myself now... I'm just irritated.
Mr. Gov., please stop pissing on me and just do your job.... please?

I would like to see exactly how they spend this: $650 million for community-based prevention and wellness strategies
I bet not even a quarter of that money goes to whatever the heck that is.

Oh, and this is not a complete list. I will try to add more as I find them.

So, my point here is, how much STIMULUS is there compared to needless spending? How much money did they spend in order to 'stimulate' our economy? Does it wash out? Did they spend billions more than what is planned for stimulus? I've got my own opinion, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

$60 million in competitive transportation grants to states

$550 million for transportation on Indian reservations

$750 million for mass transit rail improvements

$4 billion in "Public Housing Capital Fund"

$510 million in Native American Housing Block Grants

$1 billion in Community Development Grants

$15 million for Wildland Fire Management

$165 million for Fish and Wildlife Service deferred maintenance

$115 million for Fish and Wildlife Service construction projects

$15 million for preservation at Historically Black Colleges

$589 million for National Park System construction

$140 million for repair and restoration of US Geological Survey facilities

$450 million for Bureau of Indian Affairs construction

$600 million for EPA Superfund program

$200 million for Leaking Underground Storage Tank program

$2 billion in emergency aid for the redevelopment of foreclosed homes

$1.09 billion for Air Force "Operation and Maintenance"

$98 million for Army Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

$55 million for Navy Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

$39 million in Marine Corps Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

$13 million for Air Force Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

$266 million for Army National Guard "Operation and Maintenance"

$25 million for Air National Guard "Operation and Maintenance"

$75 million each for Army, Navy, Air Force "Research, Development, Test and Evaluation"

$400 million for "Defense Health Program"

$2 billion for Army Corps of Engineers construction

$375 million for Army Corps projects on the Mississippi and tributaries

$2.07 billion for Army Corps of Engineers "Operation and Maintenance"

$100 million for "Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program"

$1 billion for Interior Department "Water and Related Resources"

$50 million for Central Utah Project Completion Act

$50 million for California Bay-Delta Restoration Act

$10 million to inspect canals in urban areas

$16.8 billion for Energy Department, "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy"

$5 billion of that goes for "Weatherization Assistance"

$4.5 billion to improve the nation's electricity grid

$2.25 billion for low-income housing tax credit projects

$1.5 billion in a homelessness prevention fund

$24 million for construction and repairs to US Department of Agriculture facilities

$22.5 million for the USDA Inspector General for oversight on the stimulus bill

$176 million for deferred maintenance on US Agricultural Research Service facilities

$50 million to modernize and maintain the IT system of the Farm Service Agency

$290 million for "Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations"

$50 million for "Wastershed Rehabiliation Program"

$1 billion for rural housing direct loans

$10.4 billion for rural housing guaranteed loans

$2.5 billion for rural distance learning, telemedicine and broadband

$100 million in grants for National School Lunch Program equipment assistance

$150 million in agricultural commodity assistance

$1 billion for the Census Bureau

$4.7 billion for "Broadband Technology Opportunities Program" which includes $350 million for the

development of a "broadband inventory map"

$650 million for Digital TV converter box program

$220 million for Scientific research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

$360 million for Construction of scientific research facilities

$230 million in extra budget money for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

$600 million for NOAA "Procurement, Acquisition and Construction"

$225 million in grants for programs to combat violence against women

$2 billion in state and local law enforcement assistance grants

$225 million in grants to improve the criminal justice system

$225 million in law enforcement assistance to Indian Tribes

$100 million for the "office for Victims of Crime"

$125 million in law enforcement assistance for rural areas

$50 million in state and local grants to combat internet crime against kids

$1 billion for the COPS program

$400 million in operations budget money for NASA

$150 million for "Aeronautics" at NASA

$400 million for "Exploration" at NASA

$2.5 billion for research at the National Science Foundation

$100 million for NSF "Education and Human Resources"

$400 million for NSF "Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction"

$1.4 billion in Army "Operation and Maintenance"

$657 million in Navy "Operation and Maintenance"

$113 million in Marine Corps "Operation and Maintenance"

$3.4 billion for "Fossil Energy Research and Development"

$483 million for "Non-Defense Environmental Cleanup"

$390 million for "Uranium Enrichment Decontamination and Decommissioning Fund"

$1.6 billion for "Science"

$6 billion "Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program"

$5.12 billion for "Defense Environmental Cleanup"

$7 million for oversight of "Making Work Pay" tax credits and payments in this bill

$80 million to implement health insurance tax credit plan

$5.5 billion for the "Federal Buildings Fund"

$8 billion for high speed rail

$1.3 billion for Amtrak

$6.9 billion in mass transit capital assistance

$100 million in discretionary grants to public transit agencies

$300 million to buy energy efficient vehicles for the federal government

$200 million to consolidate the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters

$100 million for hi tech border security technology along the Mexican border

$420 million for construction of US Customs land border ports of entry

$20 million for tactical communications equipment for immigration enforcement

$1 billion for Aviation Security (explosive detection equipment)

$98 million for improvements to Coast Guard shore facilities

$142 million for "Alteration of Bridges"

$150 million in FEMA Public Transportation Security Assistance grants

$150 million for Port Security Grants

$210 million in grants to upgrade non-Federal fire stations

$125 million for Bureau of Land Management activities

$180 million for Bureau of Land Management construction

$4 billion in Clean Water grants

$2 billion for safe drinking water projects

$300 million for "Diesel Emission Reduction Act grants"

$650 million in US Forest Service "Capital Improvement and Maintenance"

$500 million for Wildland Fire Management

$85 million for Indian Health Services

$415 million for Indian Health Facilities construction projects

$25 million for repairs on Smithsonian Institution facilities

$50 million for National Endowment for the Arts to help preserve jobs in the non-profit arts sector

$3.95 billion in worker training and employment services

$400 million in state unemployment insurance funding

$80 million for enforcement of worker protection laws

$250 million for construction of Job Corps Centers

$500 million in grants to health care centers

$1.5 billion for health information technology systems

$500 million to address health professions workforce shortages

$1.3 billion for National Institutes of Health research resources

$7.4 billion for Office of the Director, NIH

$500 million for high priority construction at NIH

$700 million for comparative effectiveness research

$2 billion in low income child care assistance

$1 billion in funding for Head Start

$1.1 billion for expansion of Early Head Start

$1 billion for Community Services Block Grant Act

$2 billion for Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology

$300 million for CDC childhood immunization programs

$650 million for community-based prevention and wellness strategies

$50 million in grants to states for infections reduction strategies

$13 billion in Title I education funding

$720 million in school improvement grants

$200 million in "Innovation and Improvement" education grants

$12.2 billion in Special Education funding

$15.8 billion in student financial assistance money

$89 million in AmeriCorps awards money

$500 million to replace the National Computer Center for Social Security

$500 million to process disability and retirement claims

$180 million in Army Military Construction

$280 million in Navy and Marine Corps Military Construction

$180 million in Air Force Military Construction funds

$1.33 billion to build military hospitals

$120 million for military energy conservation programs

$50 million for Army National Guard Military Construction

$50 million for Air National Guard Military Construction

$34 million for Army family housing construction

$80 million for Air Force family housing construction

$555 million for "Homeowners Assistance Fund"

$1 billion for Veterans Affairs medical facilities

$50 million for National Cemetery Administration

$150 million to hire temporary VA claims processors

$50 million for VA Information Technology Systems

$150 million in grants to build state extended care facilities

$90 million for passport and training functions facilities

$290 million for State Department IT security upgrades

$1.5 billion in surface transportation infrastructure

$200 million for FAA infrastructure projects

$1.1 billion in airport grants

$27.5 billion in railroad and port infrastructure investments

$105 million for Puerto Rico highway program

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Comment by CJoe on February 13, 2009 at 12:57pm
Holy God. That's a lot of money. I can't even get through the entire list!
Comment by Steve on February 13, 2009 at 1:18pm
To be blunt, I don't think you are examining the situation very realistically. It seems as if you are under the impression that one could develop a list of things that will fix the economy and a list of things that can’t. If that were the case of course the bill wouldn’t have any “needless” spending; but I don’t think it is.

It’s like a shotgun shell; it’s loaded with all kinds of spending in hopes that enough of it ends up in the right places to fix the economy.
Comment by Pam on February 13, 2009 at 1:22pm
I don't understand the $250 million for construction of Job Corps Centers. "Let's build more places that show people how many jobs that aren't available!"
Comment by Dave on February 13, 2009 at 1:23pm
The government sees every crisis as another opportunity to take more power from the people. And why not? History shows us how much better the govt is at managing money than we are, right?? This whole thing is bullshit. They're breaking capitalism. Capitalism only works if you allow failing entities to fail. We're in this position now because of the govt sticking it's head in where it shouldn't be in the first place, so how would getting them more involved in everything make it better? We're already paying over 70% taxes as it is to carry along the porked out history the two parties have dragged us through. So why don't we just cut the shit and give them 100% and let the politicians dole it out as they see fit. The Boston Tea Party was over a 1% tax on tea, and that stand goes down in history as a phenomenal achievement. I hear our forefathers hearts breaking a little more every time I turn on the TV. They need to stop pretending and call it what it is...Socialism. They've got us so fucked up now that maybe borrowing from our grandchildren is the only immediate answer, but if that's the case we need to do like Chiz points out and only fix what's broken. After that we need to recognize the problem of big govt and start trimming it back.

Yes, I live in a dream world. ;)

Sorry for the frustrated rant. Great post, Chiz!
Comment by chiz on February 13, 2009 at 1:27pm
Steve. The point of a stimulus bill is to stimulate the economy. If the government wants the average tax payer to be 'ok' with a stimulus bill, maybe they should create one that will stimulate... not try to drain even more money from a dried up source.

This shotgun shell is aimed at landing as much pork as possible; not at fixing the economy.
Comment by Steve on February 13, 2009 at 1:36pm
Chiz, I don't quite understand what you are trying to say. What criteria do you use to distinguish pork from fixing the economy?
Comment by chiz on February 13, 2009 at 2:42pm
Steve, you don't need me to differentiate between pork barrel spending and just plain ol' spending. It's crystal clear.

$50 million for National Cemetery Administration
This is not going to create new jobs or push more money into the public market.

$720 million in school improvement grants
This will do both. Create new jobs and push more money into the public market.

Again, this bill was intended to stimulate the economy not make our country. That was supposed to be it's only purpose. But no, the government just can't help themselves. While the $$ signs are flashing, they have to get their piece too.

What a lot of people who support the bill are forgetting is the fact that the government spends money all year long on bullshit like this. ALL THE TIME. This bill has just given them the chance to squeeze a few hundred billion more through. Which is what makes it pork. Unnecessary and over spending in a time of economic drought is the same as stealing... IMHO.

An even bigger point that should be made about this whole thing is this:

The people said "NO!!!" to the stimulus bill; the government said, "Fuck You!!!" to the people.
I hope I don't have to explain what that means.
Comment by chiz on February 13, 2009 at 2:49pm
cross out "not make our country" from the sentence "Again, this bill was intended to stimulate the economy not make our country." I forgot to delete that out, so it's an unfinished sentence.

I was going to go in a different direction with my argument and I wanted to keep it on topic for as long as possible.
Comment by Dan on February 13, 2009 at 2:51pm
I don't think you quite grasp what the problem with the economy is. The problem is that the credit markets froze, which means companies can't pay their bills, which means people lose their jobs, which means there's fewer people buying things, which means more people lose their jobs, and so on and so on. The stimulus bill is designed to give these failing businesses money for projects that will make them hire all those unemployed people, who will then be able to buy things again, which means businesses can pay their bills again, which means the credit market will be willing to lend money again, which will get the economy moving again. All those projects you call pork are things that will create lots of jobs for people. There are a few things more focused on longer term goals, like education, but the vast majority is focused on job creation. My main complaint is that they slashed aid for state governments, which would stimulate the economy by giving states the money they need to pay their employees (coughCaliforniacough), but other than that it's about as good as can be expected with Reid living in fear of filibusters.
Comment by Johnny on February 13, 2009 at 3:07pm
FactCheck.org has a good break-down and review, check it out.


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