Let me set the scene: my friend and I are chatting on Skype, not video chat, typing. We were each coming up with our "perfect guy" and I had finished (I started before she did). She made a list of his interests:

his interests--
SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS> very active> he has to like old movies and ong walks on the beach. he has to always talk about other people and noot so much himself. he has to like to go out to eat all the time lol. he has to be interested in getting marrried and having kids and living in a big mantion liket he amereican dream. he has to like the country but he likes to also likes to visit the city for long periods of time so he can appriciate the cuntry even more. he cant be afraid to get down and dirty. he has to be a god worker and is always working. he has to hate goats casue i do. but he has to ike farming and is interested in my dad and what my dad likes to do. is that enough for ya? lol
his dislikes--
he hates girs who are snotty and rude to get attention. he has to hate people who at dumb to get attention. he has to not like azy people and those people who stay ont he computer all day doing nthing with their life. he has to hate getting up in the mornig but does it anyway.
oh and he livesin ccalifornia becasue thats where i am going to live

I replied: Ah, I see, and does he mind that his gf/wife/whatever can't spell to save her life?

She said: i wrote really fast ok?

Great excuse, right?!

When I read it, I stared at the screen and thought "Really?! Do you think there's so sort of giant hurry? I've got all day and so have you! That is absolutely no excuse!" (but I replied with "Whatever")

Why so people spell so badly these days? And think that it's ok? I know I'm weird, but typing something like "yeah hat sucks" and going back to capitalize the Y and put in the T isn't so bad, is it? Or am I some super-weirdo that can't stand improper spelling and grammar? But how has society gotten to the point that improper spelling and grammar is acceptable? Why can teens now have horrid handwriting, spelling and grammar and not be corrected? I think that handwriting or calligraphy classes should be mandatory, as much as or more than math, language arts, and sciences. Now, I'm not saying schools should control how the students write (In fourth grade a substitute we had for a week or two (because our teacher was rafting the Colorado River with family) made my cousin write with his right hand, even though he's left-handed, so now he's ambidextrous) But something should be done about bad spelling and grammar. I remember in third grade, my class's handwriting sucked (we were third graders, not unexpected) but we knew our plurals, what to capitalize, punctuation, and (most importantly) proofreading! Even if I'm just chatting with someone, I proofread what I write, all the time, sometimes twice. No, I'm not perfect, I do make mistakes, but I try to keep them to a minimum. But so many others don't care. They don't seem to realize (or care) that when they leave out several letters in a word, or don't use punctuation, it makes it really hard to read what they write.

Why? Why is it acceptable for people to spell badly, to make so many mistakes, and then shrug and say, "Oh well, whatever," when their mistakes are pointed out? I'm not saying the world should be full of spelling and grammar perfectionists, but people should at least try to do things properly. Right?

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