Southern Fried Tyranny With Grits and Hypocrisy

So North Carolina decided that somehow it was a good idea to vote on a civil rights issue seeing how it all worked out so well the first time. This time it wasn’t some racist ideas but it was close enough. It was about gay people having the gall to demand fair treatment under law and be afforded a legal status that is for some reason given only to heterosexual couples. They want to get married.

I’m sorry but there’s this thing called Article 6 of the United States Constitution and it says that the US Constitution supersedes all state constitutions. That’s right states cannot create laws that violate or contradict the supreme law of the land. This is as it should be. There is also the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution which strengthens this. It says that all citizens of the states are afforded the same legal protections. This means all adults in all states are allowed to vote, run for office, not be illegally detained or searched, etc.

Marriage is a legal status. It is two people who love each other making a commitment to each other that they will for the rest of their lives help one another, love one another, take care of each other, secure one another’s happiness and stay faithful and committed to each other. It has been around for a very long time and despite what some would wish to be true it is not solely dependent upon one particular religious doctrine. I have heard many arguments from those who are against gay marriage. I have never heard one argument that dealt with any reason why it should be illegal based on actual law. Let me present some of my arguments for it using some of these arguments against it.
There is no evidence at all that children adopted by gay couples grow up confused or “messed up” and all evidence supporting the fact that they grow up to be very stable and productive members of society.
Gay people getting married does not invalidate your marriage. Grow up. Only you have the power to do that. Marriage isn’t an exclusive club that only select people meeting your criteria can join no matter how much you wish otherwise and the fact that they are married has no bearing on yours.
Gay marriage is not a special right or privilege. It is not a special right or privilege to want to be treated the same as others and not as a less than others.
Gay marriage will not force people to accept homosexuality and it will not force your children to think of it as normal. I highly doubt that a population who is so engrossed in the private lives of others and mandating some manner of control over those private lives will ever accept homosexuality. The very statement “As long as they keep it to themselves” is just as intolerant as the person who writes “I HATE THOSE FAGGOTS!” on message boards. By wanting suppression of it you are advocating intolerance. Parents, sometimes sadly, have a great deal of control over what their children get exposed to. Children are not born intolerant. That is taught.
The whole purpose of marriage is not procreation. There are a lot of couples who marry and choose not to have children. The whole point of getting married is to have that bond between you and the person you love. Who is anyone to deny gay couples that bond?
Civil Unions are a bad cop out. Under the law all marriages are civil unions so if you say you support civil unions then guess what? Under the law that’s being married. It’s the same. If i wanted to be speaking on legal grounds then i will now call all heterosexual married couples “civil union partnerships”.
Churches will not be forced to have gay weddings if gay marriage is made legal. Seriously. Churches being private organizations can refuse to marry anyone even non members. Having churches being forced to allow gay marriage is another argument. The current argument is for them to even be recognized in the first place.
“God” is not the “author” of marriage. You can’t prove Adam and Eve ever existed however i can prove marriage was around in other cultures who had never heard of your version of god such as the ancient Chinese and other remote cultures. Hey quick someone tell the Cree Indians before white man came that they weren’t really married because they couldn’t possibly have a concept of it without god.

One of the worst offenses committed by recent actions in the formerly great state of North Carolina (a state i once lived in and used to support with vacation money while living elsewhere) is that this intolerance is being supported by people voting on a new amendment to the state constitution when the US Constitution directly forbids this. Why? It’s majoritism at it’s worst. Civil liberties are never up for popular vote.. The majority itself in a Constitutional Republic is ever under the sovereignty of the established laws in that constitution and ours until changed state clearly that state laws can never supersede federal law and that all citizens have the same protection of legal status. If you don’t like an amendment get it repealed do not create another amendment to contradict it with less authority and then go under the idea it has any authority.

No majority ever has the right or authority to suppress the civil liberties of a minority through the guise of a constitutional amendment. Any attempt to restrain the protection of the laws from one group in favor of the whim of the majority is the tyranny of the majority by definition. The people can speak but they don’t always have to have their way. That is life in a republic. Liberty and fairness for all not some. You cannot tell me with any sincerity or honesty people who are against gay marriage that you are in the right by doing so. You do not have the moral high ground here. Not by a long shot.

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Comment by Alejandro M on May 15, 2012 at 3:25am

Being completely pro-gay marriage myself, and agreeing with you in all points above, I must say: the North Carolina people are in their right to do this, if they want to. For that matter, you are in your right to leave the state and never again step foot on it.

I want to be clear: "to marry" is not a right - it's a legal document. If the state of Carolina doesn't want to give it to gay couples, they are in their right. Sad, but this is the case.

Comment by Alejandro M on May 15, 2012 at 3:27am

The only rights should be: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And no-one can force the state of North Carolina to give a document to gay couples. You can force them not to curtail your right to be together with whom you want, be it man, woman, couple, etc, etc. But giving you a legal document? Why?I

If you want to live in North Carolina, you have to agree with the rules. I wouldn't live there myself, but I accept them.


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