I must admit, I'm not a big fan of Richard Dawkins or Steve Pinker for that matter. They're quite ethnocentric. As a feminist and someone who veers more towards the left, I can't stand their Darwinian style elitism. I'm looking for more equitable Athiest or Agnostic thinkers, if anyone could recommend anything please inbox or comment. I'm new to this site so go easy on me. Also any texts that criticize main theological issues in Islam would be great. Documentaries are also welcome. If you're going to refer me to anything in Arabic, it would help if you know a free pdf version of it because I can't always access Arabic books where I live. They're usually very rare. 

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Comment by Rocky john on November 10, 2013 at 12:26am

"I can't figure out how to reply to individual comments, so I'll just do it here. " Dont worry about it as you cant reply directly to posts in this subforum .

I was watching a conference talk called "science and faith in the black community" where one of the panelists said something that stuck with me . Which was something alone the line of 'coming from an underprivileged family in most American  communities, the children have two main paths to follow . Which are becoming involved in the criminal underworld or joining a church'. It is then no wonder that so many of them are religious as it is most often the religious institutes that offer them help and guidance when they need it. If i had been born into that situation i would also be far more attracted to the religious institutes that helped me than some rich white guy telling me why i am an idiot for believing in a god.

You may be interested in the discussion as some of the points will likely  be germane to your background (Though Richard Dawkins is one of the panelists) Science and Faith in the Black Community

You may also enjoy Julia Sweeney's talk on her path to atheism . She is a comedian and it is pretty funny .Julia Sweeney - Letting go of God

Noam Chomsky is a thought provoking social critic  with strong socialist leanings, though he does not talk on atheism that much. Here is a talk he did recently on Egypt's revolution that you may find somewhat interesting. Noam Chomsky (Oct 4, 2013) "Egypt - Revolution or Coup?" Though i must be honest and say my view on what is actually happening over there is very limited.

Comment by Belle Rose on November 10, 2013 at 12:36am
Hi Laila, let me know if this link works...I'm doing this from my phone so if it doesn't I'll send it at the library, lol...


It's supposed to be a you tube video by Greta Christina titled "why are Atheists so angry?"

Comment by Rocky john on November 10, 2013 at 1:21am

One atheist youtuber i am sure you will enjoy is TheThinkingAtheist. He is a prolific poster of both very good short clips and longer shows where he discusses various aspects on religion. He iis very different to Dawkins and Pinker.

Hes longer podcast are also very good though he mainly deals with christian issues.Though here is one he did on Islam and woman.

Comment by Marvel on November 10, 2013 at 2:07pm

don't apologize for the late reply .. we all get busy sometimes.

Abdullah el Qasemie is the only one who came out as an atheist among those i mentioned .. Sayed el Qumni said that he's a Mo'tazala (probably to dutch the death threats) , Khalil Abdel Karim consider himself a "liberal muslim" .. and Farag Fouda was denounced by Sheikh al Azhar back then who actually praised his killers .. Farag was considered an apostle by many muslims for criticizing sharia law and Khilafa.
there was a lecture for him moderated by the famous Nawal el Sadawi back in the 90's were he attacked sharia laws, the hijab and niqab along with many other things .. it's not as famous as his debate with sheikh al azhar at the book fair but i consider it one of his best.
you can watch it in this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn11fksj-KM

good luck with your exams.

Comment by Laila Moe on November 10, 2013 at 4:27pm

Yup, that's very true Rocky. It's also when that rich white guy fully supports imperialist policies that put you in that situation to begin with. I love the sources and I love hearing about atheism from dissented voices. I will definitely check them out. I'm still listening to Maryam at the moment, she's got a lot of stuff. She makes some interesting points about freedom and rights. 

Thank you Bella, I found the video by looking up the title =) 

Marvel, I was completely unaware of that. Was he one of the ones who were brought to court for apostasy? I'm really interested in that and what happens to people when the court rules that they are apostates. Oh and I love Nawal El Sadawi! She's definitely one of the people that led me to feminism and questioning religion. Will definitely check it out. Thank you, I need it =D

Thank you all for the sources. I really appreciate it! =)

Comment by Marvel on November 11, 2013 at 6:04am

Farag Foda was never brought to trial because islamists killed him before that happens .. he was shot dead infront of his son back in the early 90s .. during the trial of the assailants sheikh Mohammed al Ghazali defended them by saying "anyone who openly resisted the full imposition of Islamic law was an apostate who should be killed either by the government or by devout individuals"

not to mention that he was murdered according to a fatwa declared by the front of al-Azhar clerics who called him an apostle who should be killed.

Comment by Laila Moe on November 11, 2013 at 10:56am

0__0 how come I don't know this?!! WTF Al Ghazali and Al Azhar? seriously? I didn't know that they were that messed up :S

Comment by Laila Moe on November 11, 2013 at 11:13am

What's even more disturbing is that Al Azhar is basically controlled by the state... I wonder what would happen if a more islamist government took power

Comment by Marvel on November 12, 2013 at 1:00pm

it's true that al Azhar is controlled by the state and in response to that the front of al-Azhar clerics was formed to oppose the governmental supervision over it.
it's a movement aiming at the independence of al-Azhar from state control and of course establishing sharia law among many other things.

Comment by Laila Moe on November 12, 2013 at 11:14pm

Is that connected to the Brotherhood in any way? Because I know that the Brotherhood is trying to gain control over al azhar (although morsi completely abused his power over religious institutions when campaigning for the referendum)... this is all very confusing.  


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