Please forgive my anger to start...with the duck dynasty bunch and all that has happened since I woke up I get pissed to think of the special treatment afforded to christian numbskulls! So I'm at work and have already endured at a semi new company the praying at thanksgiving and christmas dinners with no warning and the fear of being fired I stay quiet for the most part but was sharing with a coworker when some overheard and though my co worker being a deist is considered weird, I must now be evil incarnate...though its out to afew who just rather stay away...thank their god for that no sweat off my back, I had one who told me he felt sorry for people like me! The freakin nerve. Woo, I wanted to blow my top but I was so shocked at the gall of his idiocy that I just walked out. Well to be that I'm out I'm not afraid anymore most dont care the one that do scorn me behind my back but leave me alone. Months after its happened I still think of everything that ran through my mind. First and foremost was "sorry for what, I'm better than you" which I know is not exactly accurate even if I am, of course then I was flooded with my arguments which could have been summed up with,"so what makes you special that you claim to see something I cant in an ordinary book that is full of crap passed off as truth", well a version of that except not as nice. Well I've calmed down now and think maybe he genuinely cared...but it still bugs me to know that he looked down his nose at me as if he were somehow special when in truth he is the lost one. Maybe another day I'll have a better answer in the meantime I still want to rub their noses in the pity that should be a self evident sign that we are the true persecuted and they are nothing but pride filled snobs who see the splinter in our eyes but do not see the plank that should have smacked them upside their heads by now...true proof they don't follow what they preach but only what their own version of the truth is.

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Comment by _Robert_ on July 14, 2014 at 12:04am

Yeah...I try to keep quite but sometimes I have to fire back when co-workers start probing. When I meet someone who I instantly do not care for, usually they turn out to be big time Christians.

Comment by Diane on July 14, 2014 at 7:27am

At my old job I actually had to almost make an official complaint against a co-worker who was harassing me about my atheism.  Another Christian to whom I talked about it eventually got him to stop.  I think he may have learned something in the process, but who knows?  He's just smart enough to be annoying. 

I left that job and have been a my current job for a year.  I have purposefully not said much about my atheism to my co-workers, and I think it is easier that way.  My patients, however, are generally elderly and sick, and constantly bombard me with their God.  It is their faith, and they need it so I leave it alone as much as possible.  I try to remain true to myself while respecting them at the same time.  It's not always easy. 

Comment by Davis Goodman on July 14, 2014 at 11:43am

There's nothing you can do to knock them down. Next time they give you grief ... gently but very firmly and very slowly tell them "this is the last time I'll hear any more sass over my beliefs". Whatever the say back repeat it even more slowly and firmly with periods of silence before and after. Do it a third time if necessary. There is a sort of violence in the slow motion of it, an aggression in how gentle yet serious your tone is. It worked for me a couple times when I was in the United States. Any show of anger or negative narrative on your part will make things worse. There's very little else you can do to take them down unless you have the time, energy and patience to engage in full out and quite often pointless conversation.


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