Just a little something i have noticed lately.

My mom.

To give you some back story she is Catholic. When I was born she attempted to have me baptized with out the permission of my father. she and my aunt went to do it with out him knowing and the church wouldn't do it with out the consent of my father, which i think is the only smart thing i can sat the church has done...

She does not attend church, but claims to pray nightly. she has a rosary in her car and one she keeps at her night stand.

She has known that i am an atheist for a while now though i did keep it from her fir a long time. and even for a long time while i was a teen and younger i didn't know there was a word for what i was feeling until i started reading more on the subject.

so with all of this said.

lately i think she is becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of me being an atheist. she used to fight me on it constantly, telling me that she was praying for my soul at night, and my response was always for her not to waste her time on praying for something i didn't believe even existed.

Last Monday was a civic holiday and i had a couple days off and when i have a day off i usually go and spend it with my parents. They with all of their flaws are pretty great people. (don't tell them that it might go to their heads)

i got annoyed at someone or something i don't actually recall the exact situation, since i get annoyed with stupid things all the time. but i started talking about religion and how silly it was and how people just buy in to something that doesn't have any way of proving that its real. i mean i know there is a sun, i know that there are stars and planets etc. and we got in to discussing young earth creationists and the flat earth society. and she was actually interested in what i had to say in stead of fighting with me on the subject.

i was in total shock.

it was the first time in my life i was able to express something about my ideas on religion where my mother didn't fight with me about me going to hell or some other crap.

and i really wanted to share that with you. ;) i know most of it is because she feels that they are crazy for believing the bible is true words and that the earth is flat or that the dinosaurs and us lived at the same time, or that the bones were put here to test out our faith or some crap like that. but that's how i feel about god in general. i think she actually understood for at least a second how it feels to be me daily.

i really think if she was more interested in physics like i am she might actually doubt her own faith? or am i just pushing it?

have any of you ever had that kind of moment? where you felt you got through to someone? someone who you thought would never "see the light"{

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Comment by Dave G on August 8, 2009 at 1:42pm
Not with any family members yet, although I keep hoping.

I did, however, have one moment where I managed to show a friend of mine just how oppressive the US can feel to an atheist. He's very Christian, and had the blindness towards prejudice that occasionally comes from being in a privileged group. After I pointed out (with links to the news articles) a lengthy series of prejudicial attacks on and opinions of atheists, all within the previous month, and pointed out how if those statements/behaviors had been directed towards another minority group there would have been cries of outrage, he realized just how hostile the world can feel to an atheist.
Comment by fixedentropy on August 8, 2009 at 1:52pm
its true, i can honestly say i don't know anyone other than my father who is open about being not so religious. my dad is agnostic, well he wouldn't call himself that but he doesn't know what to believe, he doesn't believe in god, but doesn't say he doesn't exist either.

i wear my think atheist bracelet daily, i haven't taken if off since i got it, and the looks i get from people who see it... i find them funny. but people get really angry when they find out im an atheist. which i get but don't get at the same time.

my very existence calls their faith in to question, but i find that simply silly. if your god is the one true god out of the countless other religions in the world, why does my non belief make you so hateful? isn't that the complete opposite of what your god wants you to feel/act etc? wasn't Jesus all about the love? am i wrong? lol

so silly how people act.
Comment by Dan on August 8, 2009 at 3:25pm

Comment by Morgan Matthew on August 8, 2009 at 4:41pm
I got my dad to become atheist. He has come to the conclusion that aliens put us here. (I never sold him on the idea of aliens lol but that for him is the only thing that makes sense. *for now*) He is not a crazy alien person or anything. It could because I expose him to the APOD site every so often.

The point is that I got him thinking bigger in bringing up bigger thinking topics that take a little more time to think about :]

It is a start diana and that is what matters with your mom.
Comment by Gaytor on August 8, 2009 at 7:19pm
I've made my Dad laugh at the idea of Young Earth. He's 67 and I just don't have the heart to really hammer home the point. My mom grimaces, my sisters spout stupidity like calling me a scientologist because I use scientific points. I toy with the idea of not being involved with my family anymore because I can't take the willful ignorance. It's more than religion that's driving me away.
Comment by Aric on August 8, 2009 at 10:08pm
I've gotten my dad to become an atheist. He even listed his religion as "none" on some form he had to fill out.
My mom still claims to believe in God she just doesn't agree with the church. However, I got her to start reading Letter to a Christian Nation yesterday so that's a start.
Comment by fixedentropy on August 8, 2009 at 10:39pm
it is a great start, i have a lot of my friends "thinking" about things, gotten a few co workers to read the god delusion.

i find that when you have those simple conversations its much easier to get someone to pay attention to what you have to say. we are pegged as being loud and forceful, but you dont see us walking door to door with fliers. i have been verbally attacked my mormons in my neighborhood more than once in the last month.


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