I'm always amused and befuddled by some things. For example, my wife is a nominal Christian who takes great exception to my renunciation of the faith. Last night she saw me perusing the pages of this web site and began giving me some grief about it. What befuddles me is that all of her consternation is not over my personal belief or lack thereof, but over how it impacts her. What will others think, ect. Never once has she expressed any Christian concern about my soul. It just puzzles me.

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Comment by Chad Baxter on March 6, 2012 at 3:40pm

Does the wife still go to church?  Did you convert to Atheism during the marriage or were you a confessed Atheist prior to getting hitched?  Both me and my wife came from Christian upbringings and were not really churchy people in the beginning of the marriage.  We did get involved in a church a few years into the marriage and about two years ago I came to the decision that I was an Atheist.  I just could not buy into the story anymore and I researched religion and science more to come to my logical conclusion.   The wife was not happy about that decision, but we tend to not discuss it much these days.  Depending on your outlook on things you can co-exist quite easy if you both don't push your agenda's on each other.  I don't try to convert the wife to Atheism, and she doesn't push on me to accept Christ.  We agreed to raise the kids up in the church, but when the kids question religion I will give them the scientific perspective and the wife will provide them with the faith side.  Like a lot of other families our kids will probably hate church and treat it like a social event and make their own minds up when they get older.  To their benefit they will have me as an example of what an Atheist is and that may make the choice easier.  I'm new to this site, so I'm not sure what the consensus is but I'm not Anti Theist in the way some Atheist are.  I'm not trying to convert anyone to Atheism per se, I'm willing to share my research and views when confronted by someone, but I don't preach the Atheist agenda.  My non faith is my non faith and you can believe whatever makes you happy. 

Comment by Scott Howard on March 7, 2012 at 8:57pm
While she still professes belief, she has no attended church in several years. However, I will say on her behalf hat I was a very strong believer for almost 28 years before my deconversion. BUT, my deconversion happened 3 years ago and I have done absolutely nothing to lead her to believe thatnthere is the slightest chance that I will go back.

My amusement comes from the fact that she hasn't ever attempted to understand why or how I came to this point. Whenever she has asked, it is simply to try to argue with me over the validity of my deconversion.

Also, as I originally posted, I am amazed at her lack of "christian concern" about my "eternal soul". She's never mentioned it. All of her concern has been about her. I would have thought that at some point she would have argued that she was worried about my eternal destination. She hasn't. She HAS argued that she can't believe that I WOULDN'T PRAY FOR HER if she git sick.

My point is that her attitude reenforces my opinion that christianity is BS.
Comment by Mo Trauen on March 18, 2012 at 10:58pm

Well, that is what religion is really all about:  Social status.  Once our society reaches the tipping point where atheism is valued and increases one's social status, the churches will cease to exist overnight.

Comment by Scott Howard on March 19, 2012 at 5:28pm

Interesting perspective, Mo. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen in my lifetime!

Comment by Mo Trauen on March 19, 2012 at 7:48pm

Yeah, I don't know when or if we will ever get to that point.  After I posted that comment it occurred to me that I had overstated the case, both in terms of implicit timing and result.  People have been waiting expectantly for religion to die a natural death for three centuries now and it hasn't happened.  Even if our society eventually becomes like the European countries where non-belief is the norm, I am sure there will be a noticeable lunatic fringe that refuses to give up the (holy) ghost.


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