So I was on facebook and talking to some girl I had just recently met. I will admit she is pretty attractive, we got on the subject of tattoos and she asked me if I wanted to get anymore. I said yes and explained to her that I want ἄθεος on the inside of my right bicep. For those of you that do not know, ἄθεος is Greek for Atheos, meaning without god. I told her what it means and she said " really? Thats kind of messed up"


By now Im starting to get the hint that she is a religious person So I asked "Why the disgusted response?" This is what I got back "I'm Christian, so I wasn't sure what else to say." I told her that I dont see a difference between me putting ἄθεος on my arm and christians putting stuff about god and crosses on their bodies. Her response was "Thats fair enough, I suppose. That's an excellent way to look at it. To me, I don't think I would ever put anything on my body that like did that to a religion though, bc you never know what you'll go through, what you'll know, what you'll believe in 10yrs."


Like it will all of the sudden just hit me and I will all of the sudden believe in god.....really? What I know is that god is not real. I sent this response back to her. "What do you mean "did that to religion".....what did Atheism do to religion? Atheism is as old as Theism itself. But I dont see me believing in that F.U.B.A.R shit at any point of my life. Its almost like asking me if I will believe in leprechauns in 10 years....its not oging to happen because it is such a far-fetched concept. I dont see how people could get crosses and praying hands tattooed on them after what god and Jehovah supposedly did to the people of Egypt."


I mean, she asked what I wanted to get next as a tattoo so I told her. She didnt have to act like I was some freak show for wanting that. Atheism is now a big part of my life and defines me who I am as a person today. I truly believe that it has made me a better person, so for her to be disgusted by that is just wrong in my opinion. I can see where she is coming from in the aspect that tattoos are PERMANENT, but I do not see me regretting this decision. She could have just said "Oh thats cool, get it if you really want it" or something to that nature. It just pisses my off that people like this perceive Atheists as a "social outcast" and that WE are the ones with the wrong theirs is anymore believable. They believe that Jesus went up to "heaven" after being murdered, and that this Jewish zombie will someday save us all.


I havent gotten a response back but I will continue adding some funny "come backs" she has to throw at me in the comments.

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Comment by Kairan Nierde on June 25, 2011 at 3:38am

The other day I was pondering the suckitude of realizing there is no God after inking yourself up with crosses, scripture, and perhaps a massive, technicolor mother-of-god in ethereal golden mandorla style of portrait.


You might ask her if she ever considered the tat-related regrets of people who grew out of their faith.

Comment by Kairan Nierde on June 25, 2011 at 3:39am
By the way, I think your choice in tats is pretty classy compared to most of the awkward symbols atheists favor.
Comment by Steve on June 25, 2011 at 3:44pm
There is no way to go from strong atheist to theism. People who were brought up without religion or are just don't care or think about religion, sure. But when you consciously rejected religion and left it, you simply can't go back to it.
Comment by Seth Jon Nonnemaker on June 26, 2011 at 1:10am

@Mark, I hate it! When they ask "so what church do you go to?" then when you reply back with a "Oh, I dont go to a church. Im Atheist." they are all like "You disgust me! What the hell are you thinking?! You need help and saving".....I just wanna scream in their face "Yeah?! Well you need a reality check!!" It makes me so angry.

@Kairan, Thanks for saying my choice in tattoos are classy, I just want it tattooed as is, maybe a little bolder but just in black. I agree with the suckitude of getting the crosses and other junk tattooed then realizing he isnt real haha.

@Steve, That is a very good point. I hope you dont mind that I kind of used your comment in a message I sent back. Very well put.


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