In Oklahoma, an atheist high school student and his family face threats and intimidation from angry Christians after the young atheist had the courage to report the unconstitutional display of the Ten Commandments in his public school classrooms.

On Saturday, May 11, atheist Gage Pulliam, a Junior at Muldrow High School, explained to the Friendly Atheist why he was motivated to blow the whistle on the unconstitutional display of the Ten Commandments, and the consequences of speaking out against the religious display.

Pulliam reports his younger sister has faced verbal harassment over the issue, and some students have threatened violence against him.

Despite the threats, intimidation and abuse, Pulliam explains that his intention is not to attack Christianity, as some local pastors and Christian students claim. Rather, Pulliam :

"I want people to know this isn't me trying to attack religion. This is me trying to create an environment for kids where they can feel equal."

The fierce community backlash began after Pulliam contacted the Freedom from Religion Foundation, who then wrote a letter to the district demanding that the plaques be taken down and warning that the displays represent a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

According to reports, the Muldrow school board is scheduled to hold a "discussion concerning The Ten Commandments issue," on Monday night.

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