Delusional beliefs are false beliefs which are strongly held despite evidence to the contrary

But these Delusional beliefs are not considered delusional if they are consistent with cultural beliefs.

After I have read and convinced about evolution of human, and that modern human was in earth about 200,000 ago, I can still convenes myself that Adam and Eve, are not the first human but they are just chosen by god among other human that exist with them at same time.

I didn't realize that I was trying to make what in psychology called self-consistent

That is until I read the  book “INFLUENCE The Psychology of Persuasion” by ROBERT B. CIALDINI PH.D. which open my eye to many facts

First Chapter 3 COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY Hobgoblins of the Mind

 quote :

“Emerson quote from “Self-Reliance”  “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of

little minds adored by little statesmen, and philosophers, and divines.”

“To understand why consistency is so powerful a motive, it is important

to recognize that in most circumstances consistency is valued and

adaptive. Inconsistency is commonly thought to be an undesirable

personality trait. The person whose beliefs, words, and deeds don’t

match may be seen as indecisive, confused, two-faced, or even mentally

ill. On the other side, a high degree of consistency is normally associated

with personal and intellectual strength. It is at the heart of logic, rationality,

stability, and honesty.”

End quote

In addition to consistency pressure there is also social pressure

In Chapter 4 SOCIAL PROOF  Truths Are Us

(Where all think alike, no one thinks very much. —WALTER LIPPMANN)


“When it comes to illustrations of the strength of social proof, there is

one that is far and away my favorite. Several features account for its

appeal: It offers a superb example of the much underused method of

participant observation, in which a scientist studies a process by becoming

immersed in its natural occurrence; it provides information of interest

to such diverse groups as historians, psychologists, and theologians;

and, most important, it shows how social evidence can be used

on us—not by others, but by ourselves—to assure us that what we

prefer to be true will seem to be true”

End quote

I think relying only on scientific facts of astronomy, biology or physics to defeat the delusions is not effective as to make people aware of psychology pressure that religions make upon them.

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