There are certain things I just don't understand..

The conversation became religious and I said I don't believe in god, just like that. She rolled her eyes at me. I was expecting this reaction what I didn't expect was what happened next.

I asked her "So, you feel offended?"

She replied "of course I am, god does horrible things to those who talk like that about him"

I asked "Then.. something bad is going to happen to me?"

She said "Well, I'm not saying that, I'm only saying that god hates people who don't fear him and make them die tragic deaths"

I said "Alright, so if I say right now I sh!t on allah and wipe my ass with him, does it offends you? Am I going to get tortured for eternity?"

She rolled her eyes at me again and said "pffff!, what the f#ck do I care about allah? You know that's crap"


So it's all about you my friend, sorry, I meant your god...


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Comment by Dale Headley on November 3, 2011 at 6:22pm

  Hey God, You sick, old fart!  It's me, Dale.  I'm 76 years old, so You should have no trouble terminating my life, IF YOU CAN!  LOL!...

...Hey God, I'm still here - me and all my infirmities.  Why haven't You rained down fire and brimstone on me, yet?  Tell You what: I'll pray for it.  Dear God, PLEASE kill me - right now - this instant...

...Aw c'mon God.  I despise You, I laugh at You.  I dare You to kill me with a lightning bolt, right now.  I double dare You!  Whassa matter, God?  Are You all thunder and no lightning?...

...Ya know, God, I should think that if You could create the universe in six days, You could send me to the grave in six minutes.    You're going to kill me eventually, anyway, right?  So why not right now?...

...I'm sorry God, but I'm beginning to doubt that You even exist if You can't demonstrate Your extraordinary powers by doing such a simple thing.   Omnipotence?  More like impotence.     

Comment by Gabriela Menicucci on November 3, 2011 at 6:33pm

Wow Dale what you wrote it's amazing !! AWESOME :D 

Comment by Dustin on November 4, 2011 at 12:22am

LOL at her reaction to your comment about Allah.  It's so strange to me how Christians couldn't care less about Allah or Krishna but get deeply, horribly offended if you even remotely criticize religion or their God.  


Just the other day , I got rained on by members of the Piano World Forums because I made a passing comment about Millionaire Pastors taking advantage through the prosperity Gospel and how I think churches should be taxed because they 'preach', not 'teach'.  


Boy, was I  in for a surprise.  I had so many accusations thrown towards me ... Told to leave the country if I don't like it here, told I'm a sycophant brat, one woman apologized that I was 'hurt' by a church (LMAO , I was never part of any church) , and others just made ridiculous statements and egregious logical fallacies that I couldn't help point out ... such as one person accusing me of being ignorant of such and such when I didn't intend to elaborate my point.  I told him 'Silence on an issue is not proof of ignorance' - on and on this went until the thread was finally locked. 


And they said I was offending, creating enemies and being 'senseless'.  What a fucking load of shit - If only they could see the madness they spewed towards me , almost to the level of hate.  


So then I really off on them in the thread and told them all that I considered The New Testament to be a moral abomination and that I had read it twice through and studied it more deeply than 90% of Christians.  I started throwing out bible verses to prove their hypocrisy.  They didn't like that much at all.  :)  


I think it's important that we, as Atheists, do not shy away from our personal beliefs.  We should also not shy away from threats of pack mentality.  Some members cried out "If I was hiring you as a piano teacher, I wouldn't think twice about moving to a new teacher after reading THAT!"  


Yawn.  So you're a bigot then if you are going to end your relationship with me simply because I don't agree with you religious views.  



Comment by Pope Beanie on November 4, 2011 at 1:38am

It's the same old stone age tactic of instilling fear in anyone who might question the most locally powerful dogma, whether it's God, Allah, or Kim Il-sung.

Comment by Carl Rowley on November 4, 2011 at 5:57pm
Is it just me thats sick to the back teeth of having to tip toe around Religionists?

Is it just me that despises their self-awarded right to not be offended or to have their beliefs questioned?

Am I the only one who can see what is happening with "multi-culturalism" in Europe?

Has no-one in the US got the nouse to realise that their country is spiraling down into another religious dark age of tyranny and intolerance?

Can the government in my country (UK) not see Sharia Law for what it is?

These are all questions I ask for the questions I ask the bigoted faithful...I'm afraid I'd annoy the moderators somewhat if I were to post them!!!
Comment by Ceci on November 23, 2011 at 9:54pm

ahhh, i love their dislike towards relativism... they aren't even able to realize that the word "god" is the english equivalent of dio/yahweh/allah/gott/dios and so on, and that they believe in the same god of muslims. and of course that this belief is only unconvincing rubbish.


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