"So Help me God" - 4 words that presidents have added after the oath at their Inauguration since Roosevelt

The founding fathers made it a priority to make sure religion didn’t make its way into our politics and justice system. They knew that if an individual received their morals and lived their life according to a faith based system, they would allow that influence to spill over into the way they govern their population.

I never paid attention to the inauguration of any president to date, so finding out that this phrase has been added by every president since Roosevelt struck me as sort of shocking. I personally just do not think that our founding fathers would appreciate the fact that references to God have been slowly added into many American traditions.

Our constitution may say that we separate church and state, but if you look at America from the outside, you can see that we are considered a Christian nation by most of the world. This is only reinforced when we let our leaders and public speakers to the rest of the world basically admit that they believe God is steering their decisions, and that He will protect us. Also, allowing a priest to pray for the well being of the President and the country at the inauguation helps to perpetuate the stigma.

I think that instead of asking God for help, Obama should ask America for help.

A lawsuit has been filed by the Athiest Alliance to try and prevent this by law, but I dont see the country as ready to let go of their religion yet.

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Comment by Morgan Matthew on January 5, 2009 at 12:25am
I just do not see how the atheist alliance can lose this.


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