Small Interview with Morgan Matthew of Think Atheist

Morgan can you give us a rundown on your road to Atheism(were you always an atheist)?

I was always an atheist, I just did not know it. My parents tried to get me baptized as a baby and found out quickly that the church wanted all kinds of money to get a splash of water on my head. Growing up as a young tyke my parents were agnostic. Which means I never grew up with any religion at all. I did the all the holidays and never knew the true meaning behind them. Never knew anything about it.

Then I moved to Texas and everything changed. Some of the first words that come out of my new friends mouths were, “WANNA GO TO MY CHURCH!?” x3 or 4 times. This gave rise to my interest into diving into what all the halabalu was about, and wow was I in for a shock! One thing my dad taught me growing up as a kid was common sense. One look at religion and most of its books… all I could say is, “wow these are all mediocre stories at best.”

What inpired you to create a social networking site for Atheists?

As I dove deeper into the atheist world, I came to the conclusion quickly that all these sites more or less sucked. Sure they had great content on them, but then what? It was like every site was running around with it’s head chopped off. From a design standpoint and connection between other people was very dull. Or web 1.0 shall we say. Who wants to use VB or phpbb forums to really communicate. Not me and not my future members! As we all know getting atheists to do anything together is like herding cats.

What plans have you got for the future of Think Atheist?

Right now my plan for think atheist is to blow it out of the water with this whole unfortunate misconception about atheism. Upon landing on Think Atheist one of the first things I want people to see the all the members that are apart of the community then the simple message that simply says in short, “Guess what? It’s Okay to Look” A simple but strong message that I have been told numerous times has hit home with a lot of people/members.

Are you looking for help in building think Atheist?

Yes, check out
Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes Think Atheist is running a contest called Atheist cake design Contest! NO actual cake required. *PRIZES* Located at

Also, if you have a iphone check out the mobile version of Think Atheist located at

What does your desktop look like?

3 monitors 4880x1202 or 62inchs of desktop space

There will be more to come on the podcast :)

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Comment by Trish on January 19, 2009 at 4:43am
Can we also ask questions for morgan to answer?
Comment by Trish on January 19, 2009 at 4:44am
Morgan, Has there been any impact on your life, after discovering others like yourself?
What has been some of the hardships you have endured to get this site up and running?
did you have much support?

Comment by Frink on January 19, 2009 at 9:49am
Yay you fixed the 'your'!


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