Skepticism is not a way of life, it is just a way of science.

As these are often going to occur, if I feel inclined to talk about something- I likely wrote an article about it already. Heh.

So... today my jab at skepticism was finally released for publication. Jab is light actually. I was fairly balanced and unbiased when I wrote it. Now I will take of my mittens and pop the claws:

Skepticism is lazy and excuse riddled. If you are not a scientist or even at the very least driven to conducting a scientific inquiry, skepticism is a cop out to thinking for yourself. You know who else are skeptics? Christians. Islam. In fact, nearly every organized form of religion produces a skeptic every time they produce a fundamentalist. A fundamentalist is skeptical that anything outside of their religion is true, honest, or even real.

Another group of people that are skeptics: conspiracy nuts. They are skeptical of the government and any other organization. Madness, my friends.

Skepticism without the foundation of scientific inquiry is an act of futility. Don't get me wrong, having doubt or being skeptical of something within justifiable terms is fine. You would be incredibly naive if you were not. But because you don't have all of the written material laid at your feet is not a suitable answer. The only thing you demonstrate is your inability to think critically and cognitively. 

I realize, many call themselves a skeptic of religion. Bravo. I am too. So this is not directed at you; it is directed to the throng of people that see the word "skeptic" and immediately declare this their cool new rebellious way of life. Anybody having a hard time getting what I mean by that? I suggest listening to Nirvana- "In Bloom".

Oh yeah... it would help if I actually linked the article I was referencing. Kind of defeats promoting my writing.

Like it, share it, spread it around if you dig my words OR think it would start a good point of contradiction among your peers for your opinion. If I made you think, I did my job.

So I'm opening this up to you here. Fell free to comment on the article: I won't answer there on Yahoo! Something about professional integrity from Yahoo! or some such nonsense. I like working though and that is an insignificant demand on me. 

I'm looking at my title, and I am thinking of an analogy: A butterknife might be able to substitute a flathead screwdriver; but it won't always work, and certainly a flathead works far better. Alright... someone think of a better analogy than that. Something a little less flat. 

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