Skeptical Satirical Shorts Under 666 Seconds

This week has been especially productive for me as far as the film festival goes. I presented a freethought shorts program to CFI Tampa, and the demographic was spot on, and I was super psyched. Several independent film enthusiast were in attendance, and the films were well received. I'm also psyched about the online contest that we (Freethought Film Festival Foundation) are planning. The theme is Skeptical Satirical Shorts Under 666 Seconds. Online viewers will be voting for their favorite entry, and the winner will be selected from the finalists by celebrity skeptics. The interest that this particular contest draws will be a determining factor as to whether an official Freethought film category will be added to an up and coming online platform for independent filmmakers. If freethinkers can prove that there is a demand for films that are of interest to them (us), then establishing our own film category would be a huge milestone! HUGE!...did I mention that I'm psyched?!

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Comment by Andrea Steele on March 22, 2010 at 6:06pm
@Thinks4Herself: It hasn't been launched yet. Techs are working on it, and I should have the details in April. :-) The more people to hear about it, means more people voting...and of course, more films entered in the contest. Feel free to shout it from the mountain tops. :-P


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