Shutting the Creationists up- agreeing with them

The thing that always gets to me with creationists trying to conduct rational discussions is the point they eventually get to.

These people will bend over backwards to disprove science, and will shower you with their “facts and findings”. Sometimes they will even back them up with official looking pseudo-science stamps of legitimacy, and keep a straight face while “debunking” the earth's age, the fossil record, and the mountains of evolutionary evidence - all in an effort to do their best to act "scientific".

They'll present their objection to the findings of modern science as “legitimately scientific” and demand their view be taught in schools as fact.

All this in my view could be good and well. There is certainly room for disagreement in science- disagreement is the very foundation of scientific development.

But what really gets to me every time- is the conclusion that these discussions always come to.

After painstakingly making their point, I would say to the creationist- "Ok, you know what, you've done a good job showing that there are still gaps in our scientific knowledge- now after making your rational argument- please give me your alternative to the scientific theory."

And then it comes:

"Well, it all began when a talking snake seduced a naked lady to eat a magical apple..."

Fucking What?!!? magic, magic and more magic....

This is what amazes me about creationist. They will go through all this length to show the gaps in science, while their own alternative is a fucking fairy tale!

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Comment by Frink on September 2, 2009 at 6:26pm
Comment by Wesley D. Hagen on September 7, 2009 at 2:20pm
This is outrageously unfair to fairy tales--many of which have a lovely moral lesson to teach. The lesson in Genesis is that man is inherently corrupt and that a woman eating an apple has doomed all of us to a afterlife bathed in hellfire. So to be fair to fairy tales, let's call genesis what it is: a deluded and pathological fantasy that, at its core, calls for a genocide (OR WORSE, AND ETERNAL PUNISHMENT) of all those that don't believe.


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