when you have shed your “god,”

like old dead skin,

it will fall away off your body---

decaying & no longer relevant in any way

to the rest of your healthy


you will feel cleaner than you ever have before, simply because

there is nothing out there already established as


which claims that you have “sinned” or that you

constantly do wrong, consequently being in need of



you will feel the weight of a thousand bad dreams

released from your


because the fear of “what comes after” will no longer be a


to be answered.


understanding that your death is finite will allow you to see life for what it is---

extremely short &

extremely precious.


you will no longer feel that you owe anything to


except those that you choose to love on this

planet &

you will no longer fear any consequence of an action

which has not been spelled out for you by yourself & your fellow humans,

having had many examples of those before you

suffering or succeeding in



by taking up the sole responsibility for your



you will most assuredly find that it becomes clearer that

our importance,

if there is any on this planet,

is revealed to us, by us,

and that we alone are able to better our lives, or

kill ourselves off.

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