Foremost, a preview of strange new creatures at play in the darkness:

The good thing about this old house is that there is absolutely no guesswork in coming to the imminent conclusion that her sole intent is to devour us all alive. One hesitant step through her moldy threshold and a subsequent stroll across endless lengths of cracked, wavy oak is enough to illicit the lust of her ancient maw. Two overstuffed leather chairs serve as solemn sentries just beyond the double doors. The ceiling of the lobby seems to stretch upward and onward into some dark infinity from which descends a crude, angular chandelier. The dimming light bounces lazily from its copper box-like frame, seeping along the whitewashed wall to the base of her spine - a twisted and sagging flight of stairs perpetually warped with age.

There is more locked away in some forgotten corner. I'll be polishing it up for show and tell sometime soon.

Uncertainty. This word has been at the forefront of my mind for weeks. I would love to take a seat in front of my monitor at home and continue to churn out these sordid little accounts of the people and the ideals which plague me, but for the last couple of months I haven't really know where my home is. It keeps picking itself up and scurrying away when I least expect it, leaving me with little choice but to nip at its heels in a fleeting attempt to nail the motherfucker down.

It took me a little under two months to come to terms with the simple fact that Hopkinsville, Kentucky is the place where dreams come to die; a bleak golgotha for the dregs of Southern society. Fortunately, I have emerged from the depths of one of the worst drunken binges of my life and somehow managed to put its sullen and desolate streets behind me.

I hope it burns to the ground. I wish the wails of its hopeless flaming denizens could reach my ears across the miles I've put between us.

I will continue to write when I can. If I can't, I will greedily pluck a decent writer from the skeptical hordes and use him or her to fill in the gaps.

Any volunteers? You may contact me here or at

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