I often read crap on the internet about atheists. I find the disinformation extremely amusing. I was curious why atheist are so often referred to as “self-proclaimed atheist”? I have a lot seen videos in which atheists participate in debates or interviews and are introduced as “a self-proclaimed atheist”. What does this mean really? Why do they say it? Is there a verification process I am ignorant to? Yes, that last question is sarcastic. Do they not believe us? I just don’t get it.

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Comment by anti_supernaturalist on July 28, 2011 at 2:43pm

commandment 0: thou shalt abase thyself

• Here’s my guess -- xians demand individual, public confession of dogma.

You must publicly "proclaim” your faith. Western ideology due to xian influence can not consider its adherents true believers without a public confession of adherence -- oaths, affirmations, manifestos, slogans, banners, songs.

Fundies can not even interpret the world and human action without their indoctrinated, lying mindset. The atheist therefore at some time must have “publicly confessed” atheism, as if it were another belief structure with its own dogma to confess openly.

As "a self-proclaimed atheist", you are worse than a heretic. After all the damned heretics at least believe in some god. Heretics are those who do not or will not believe what a dominant and politicly powerful in-group thinks true. Here’s the problem. What is (supposedly) true in matters of faith-based conformity?

• Xians hate “heresy” out of a desire of secular power

For more than 300 years xianity remained an almost amusing tinpot warfare among orthodox, gnostics, libertine free sex adherents, ascetic monks. Heretical scriptures can still be found -- in for example, The Other Bible. (Search ISBN: 0060815981)

After roman emperor Constantine converted to arian xianity (another heresy!) in 312 CE, xians became heirs to vast secular influence and later to totalitarian rule in Byzantium ca 400 CE.


Orthodox bishops prepared for takeover by getting together to throw away (and later burn) all the writings they did not like. As a result only the 27 orthodox books of the so-called “new” testament remained.

But that was not enough. No heretic shall escape by hiding among true believers

• public confession of faith-based mandates

At a council in 325 CE at Nicaea (now Iznik, Turkey) those same divinely inspired bishops produced a literal litany of faith-based affirmations which only an orthodox xian would find acceptable.

Their creed is still in force today, not even fundies dare reject its most ancient core dogmas -- some main points: one god in three persons, incarnated in Jesus, his resurrection from the dead, ascension into heaven, Christ’s curtain call judgement day, eternal blessing or eternal suffering doled out to everyone…. Amen.

Moreover this affirmation of faith must be said out loud as part of every xian obsessive compulsive cultic ritual by every “member” at every service in the sight of “God” and, of course, in the distinct hearing of one’s dear fellow xians, and especially by the god-proxies, priests.

Xians, therefore, do you “honor” by imagining that you are somewhat like them! You may be a very damnable atheist but even you must have made-up a profession of faith -- “publicly confessing” your newly acquired “godma”. Do you not feel blessed?

the anti_supernaturalist


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