Secret Service Colombian Prostitution Scandal

I have been reading with some amusement the moralizing coverage in the US press of the Secret Service/US Military Colombian Prostitution Scandal. I have tried to distill what I have read into a spoof news article that from my perspective sums up the issues here:

Secret Service Colombian Prostitution Scandal 

The Colombia prostitution scandal widened Tuesday as it emerged that Secret Service agents and military personnel brought back at least 20 women to a hotel that was to be used for President Obama’s state visit.

The military’s involvement in the scandal also expanded, as around 10 service members appeared to be targeted in the inquiry, in addition to the 11 Secret Service agents already under investigation.

Lawmakers in both parties have expressed outrage over the allegations and promised congressional investigations. They’ve warned that the incident was a major breach of defence service procurement procedures.

Obama has “confidence” in Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan despite the allegations, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday, as Sullivan “acted swiftly” to investigate the incident.

“The Secret Service performs admirably in its No. 1 mission, which is to protect the president of the United States,” Carney said, adding that Obama feels strongly that the work the service does is “exemplary and I am sure they would not have spent a cent without giving all the usual tax payer trough feeders a fair chance to bid for business.”

US defence contractors Rockwell Collins, Boeing, Kights, Battelle and others were furious that they had not been given a chance to bid, “We could have added significant value here, after the usual few years of stringent quality testing, lobbying, and field tests. We could have safe guarded American jobs, opened up new career paths for young women and boys within the defence sector but we were not invited in. I suspect this has a lot to do with the current administrations rampantly left wing agenda of outsourcing service industry jobs”

On Monday and Tuesday, Sullivan briefed several key members of Congress about the investigation. Afterward, lawmakers disclosed new details about the scandal and said Sullivan had called for an independent review by the inspector general.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said 20 or 21 foreign women were brought back to the hotel in Colombia but that their not appear to have been any effort to tender for sexual services competitively first.  “Naturally we feel that American business should have had first crack at such lucrative business, America produces a first class prostitute just look at their reputation in Vagas. We don’t know who these foreign women are, they could be spies, they could be associated with hostile forces, they could have disabled the agents with their un-Godly and un-American foriegn sexual skills”  she said.

Collins said she has raised questions with Sullivan about the president’s security and whether the incident indicates problems within the culture of the Secret Service.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) also weighed in, calling the incident “Potentially embarrassing, what if these girls started publicly comment on American manhood as a result, it make the whole of America look rather limp!.”

“I do think that what has gone on is very embarrassing, and I think it’s clear there are investigations going on both at the Pentagon and at the Secret Service. You would think with our country spending $700 BILLION annually that we would have got procurement right by now but still we make the same old blunders,” Boehner said.

Obama said on Sunday that he would withhold judgment on the incident until the full investigation was completed. 

U.S. Southern Command spokesman Col. Scott Malcom said that the inquiry has expanded beyond the five service members initially announced by the Pentagon, though he did not put an exact number on how many are being investigated.

The agents’ involvement with foreign prostitutes became public after one of the women was angry about not being paid the price agreed between themselves and the men of $500 and being offered $27 instead and the police were called to the hotel.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday, King said he has “tremendous respect” for the Secret Service, despite the “flagrant violation of security, but at least our brave boys were keeping an eye on the bottom line for the American tax paying public and "Stiffing it" to the non american contractors involved.This story is as old as mankind,” King said.


To my mind men buying sexual services is nothing, an issue for them and their spouses to resolve. My annoyance is that the men involved appear to have agreed a price for the service provided (no one is denying that the ladies not provide a full service (smile) but that the such "men of honor" then happily refused to pay the price. Though now they are paying in another way the women are unlikely to recoup their losses

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Comment by Ed on April 30, 2012 at 1:04pm


You're right, it is not a big deal that these agents went looking for something on the side while in Columbia. What IS a big deal is that they knowingly violated their security protocol of not having foreign nationals in their hotel rooms. It is considered a breach of security when they invite these individuals into their rooms. The concern being that the consumption of alcohol, partying, and sex could lead to compromises in the form of information of a sensitive nature pertaining to their mission being inadvertently divulged. Not to mention the possibility of blackmail. When in a foreign country these agents are really on duty 24-7 and as such need to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity.

The U.S. Secret Service has done a remarkable, exemplary job during it's lifetime despite the Kennedy-Reagan tragedies. They will rebound and continue to serve with honor I am sure.


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