So where I live in Rock Springs, WY Scientologists attempted to build a vault nearby but didn't file for any permits. I work at the newspaper. Now a reporter is going to do a follow-up story. What drives me crazy is when Scientology is mocked, sometimes I just want to say all religions are just as crazy and unbelievable. Yeah Scientology may be more far fetched and more deadly and money sucking. But all religions are to a certain degree, just some more than others on your own subjective scale.

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Comment by a7 on January 9, 2010 at 5:46pm
yeah I agree man

I treat all religion as sects, from Koresh to main three sects.

I would also point out that the jebus of scientology l. ron hubbard did write two great sci fi books ,

1.battlefield earth, the best sci fi i have ever read and I enjoyed the movie.

2. invasion earth, a seriers of ten books ( a dekology) very funny sci fi


take care


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