People laugh at science and some of the theories that come out of it. They think they know all the answers because their holy books tell them what they want to know. The truth is modern science hasn't been around nearly long enough for this to be fair.

Religion is like the annoying big brother who has been playing a video game for the past three months without getting through level 3. Science would be the little brother who comes along and beats level 7 after a week of playing. There's big brother snearing at him saying he'll never get past level 5, okay but level 6 is hard. I heard the level 8 boss is impossible so you'll never get it done.

Big brother needs to shut up, sit on the sidelines and let science play the video game for as long as religion has before passing judgement. The amount of religion that science has been able to defute is incredible considering how short we've been able to really study the big questions, yet people seem to think that this is all science has to offer. They seem to think we're done. I guess that's because their religions are done. Complete. They have nothing else to offer them. Science is not like that. It constantly changes and often has more questions each time one is answered. It has only been a short amount of time since our technology has allowed us to explore such questions, so give us a chance before claiming we'll never beat the boss.

But we are getting there. If only big brother would sit down, shut up, and let us play the game for a bit.

If you think this is a good analogy please share it.

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